Dunhill Zigaretten warden mit “hohen” Klassen und Luxus stark assoziiert

Dunhill Zigaretten warden mit

Offiziell als das Erscheinungsdatum der Zigarettenmarke Dunhill das Jahr 1907.  Aber der Besitzer der Marke Alfred Dunhill machte sofort eine Wette auf ein respektables Publikum – prim britischen Aristokratie, die “goldene Jugend” des frühen zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts, und Vertreter der Wirtschaft der Stadt. Genauer gesagt, ergänzte er mit dieser Zigarettenmarke die Luxus-Accessoires männlichen Stils, die zu  klassischen Attributen für Londoner Dandys jener Zeit wesentlich zählten – Pfeifen, Zigarren, und dann Zigaretten. Im Übrigen wurde das Konzept dieser Marke fast... Read More.

September 27, 2016

Viceroy Cigarettes – the brand with a rich long history

Viceroy Cigarettes are a brand of cigarettes with a rich long history, which is well-known in more than 50 countries around the world. Viceroy is a low-cost cigarette brand, which is owned by the British American Tobacco, having the location in London. Viceroy Cigarettes are manufactured by Brown & Williamson (B & W), the American tobacco company, which was purchased by the British American Tobacco (BAT) in 1927. The Viceroys were firstly produced in 1936; these were the first filter cigarettes with cork tips. In 1952, these cigarettes became the first cigarettes, which were equipped with... Read More.

September 26, 2016

Kiss cigarettes – choose the most appropriate product

Among the female part of the human population, which smokes cigarettes, the brand “Kiss” is extremely popular, but the views on this product are quite diverse. A feature of this product is the variety of flavors; this feature has become a key point of attraction. The Kiss cigarettes are produced in many countries, but all manufacturing sites are controlled by the British manufacturer Innovation Tobacco Company LTD, the company, which location is in London. From the first day when the Kiss cigarettes appeared in the tobacco market, they have been gaining an immense popularity. Their... Read More.

September 20, 2016

Bond cigarettes – based on strong tobacco

The international cigarette brand of Bond Street cigarettes is known since 1902. Philip Morris, the founder of the company Philip Morris International, was the owner of the shop in Bond Street in London. In 1902, King Albert, who was one of the fans of this company’s products, granted him the title of Royal shop tobacconist. From this time, (the first name of the brand was «Old Bond Street»), these cigarettes passed a long way of development, conquering new markets. The brand name of “Bond” cigarettes is associated with the world-famous agent 007 James Bond. This character appeared... Read More.

September 16, 2016

555 Cigarettes –the pure satisfaction

Cigarettes are currently the most common type of tobacco products. Cigarettes have gained popularity due to their convenience – they are always with you, and do not require complex procedures performance in order to smoke them. This is the pure satisfaction from the first inhalation! In addition, the strength of cigarettes is usually optimal to deeply inhale them, getting maximum pleasure from smoking 555 cigarettes brand has been manufactured by British American Tobacco since 1895. Since the appearance of 555 cigarettes brand in the market these cigarettes have gained immense popularity... Read More.

September 14, 2016

Marlboro Cigarettes – true and perfect smoking process

Marlboro cigarettes have always been here to let us understand the real meaning of true and perfect smoking process. American Marlboro cigarettes appeared in the world market in 1924. The manufacturer of famous brand is the company under the name of Philip Morris. By the way, the first cigarettes were positioned for women usage. They were equipped with a special red filter to hide the color of lipstick. These cigarettes had a gentle aroma. 23 years later the marketer Leo Burnett carried out a rebranding strategy. Since that time, Marlboro cigarettes became male cigarettes. It was then selected... Read More.

September 12, 2016

Buy cigarettes online – get the most famous smoking alternatives

Buy cigarettes online – get the most famous smoking alternatives

There is one important aspect you need to know when you want to buy cigarettes online: Cigarettes have their own particular social manifestations; contrasting over the globe providing various sorts of tobacco, flavors, qualities and then some, cigarettes are as one of a kind as the general population that smoke them. On account of this uniqueness, numerous individuals build up a specific liking to a brand or sort of tobacco. While accommodation stores may have millions of cigarettes, they may not stock your most loved packs. Have no trepidation; now you can buy your most preferred cigarettes online... Read More.

September 7, 2016

Camel Zigaretten -Leichtigkeit und Weiblichkeit

Camel Zigaretten -Leichtigkeit und Weiblichkeit

Diese neuen Merkmale sind  Kennzeichen der Camel Zigaretten. Die Zigarettenmarke Camel wurde von der amerikanischen Firma R.J. Reynolds Tobacco im Jahre 1913 veranlasst. Nun sind sie Marke eine der weltweit verbreiteten Online-Zigarettenmarken. Diese Zigaretten werden an Tabakmärkten in mehr als 90 Ländern erfolgreich vermarktet. Dadurch besetzen sie immer noch den führenden Platz unter den Zigaretten, die die Raucher vorrangig bevorzugen. Die Camel Zigaretten waren die erste Marke, die in unserem Land verkauft wurde, vier Jahre später wurden sie zum bestverkauften Tabakerzeugnis. Camel war... Read More.

September 6, 2016

555 cigarettes – in demand as before

The American 555 cigarettes actually have a much longer title, namely the State Express 555. However, the full name of the cigarettes is not convenient to gradually receding into the past. Originally tobacco products of this brand was invented and manufactured by Ardath Tobacco Co. Ltd. in the UK. Somewhat later, in 1925, the company was sold to the corporation British American Tobacco. As a result, in just a few decades, these cigarettes were sold around the world, and found the really unprecedented popularity in many countries. In other matters, the brand is not always available, so fans of the... Read More.

September 2, 2016

The Way To Use Fine Cigars (Cheap cigarettes online)

The Way To Use Fine Cigars (Cheap cigarettes online)

The very idea to consume cigars originated since hundreds of years, approximately in the 10th century. Ancient people, living in the islands of the Caribbean Sea and Mesoamerica had a usual habit to regularly smoke cigars. Nowadays, cigars are tobacco pieces, which consist of tobacco that is closely tightened within a bundle. Cigars are consumed worldwide and preferred by those who really love good and qualitative tobacco products as the cigars are. Nevertheless, there is an amazing fact that the absolute majority of smokers have no idea how to consume cigars correctly. Let us firstly get to know... Read More.

August 30, 2016