Cigarette waste brigade®

Follow the steps below to collect cigarette waste from your office, restaurant, bar, or other business establishment.

  1. Continue to use your ash trays and ash receptacles. Simply empty them in an acceptable container when they are full.
  2. Collect cigarette waste and dump the contents of your ash receptacle into a sturdy trash bag or thick garbage liner. Please make sure that the cigarettes are fully extinguished. Do not dump your cigarette waste directly into the shipping box, and do not use paper bags to collect your waste.
  3. Store you collections out of the way, and remember to securely tie your garbage bags prior to shipping.
  4. Ship your collections to TerraCycle by downloading a pre paid shipping label from Affix the pre paid postage label to your box and drop it off at a UPS location.

For more detailed information, please check out the Cigarette Waste Brigade FAQ.

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