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Another notable and sought after set of cards is the untitled series issued by Taddy and known by collectors as «Clowns and Circus Artistes». While not the rarest cards in existence (there are a number of series in which only one known example remains), they are still very rare and command high prices whenever they come up for auction. The Mecca cigarette trading card for George Sutton is also notable for it depicts him with hands. Sutton was known as «the handless billiard player» 6 for mastering the game with such a handicap. Classification and Cataloguing edit The system... Read More.

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Chesterfield (cigarette) — wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

«Music New King». Time. November 27, 1939. Retrieved July 22, 2011. a b Dunning, John (1998). On the Air The Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio. Oxford University Press. p. 152. ISBN 978 0195076783. Retrieved January 2, 2015. better source needed Gilliland, John (1994). Pop Chronicles the 40s The Lively Story of Pop Music in the 40s (audiobook). ISBN 978 1 55935 147 8. OCLC 31611854. Tape 1, side B. Fleming, Ian (1959). Goldfinger. London Jonathan Cape. p. 194. ISBN 9781612185507. Viceroy (cigarette) — wikipedia, the free encyclopedia a b c Cox, Jim (2008). Sold On Radio... Read More.

Сентябрь 2, 2015

U.s. minors easily buy e-cigarettes online -unc study

NEW YORK, March 2 (Reuters) Teenagers in North Carolina who try to buy electronic cigarettes online are likely to succeed even though selling the devices to minors is illegal in the state, researchers reported on Monday. A 2013 North Carolina law required that online e cigarette sellers verify customers’ ages with a government database at the point of order. But more than 90 percent of vendors do not comply, researchers led by Rebecca Williams of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found. «It is likely easier for many teens to buy e cigarettes online than in a corner store,... Read More.

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E-cigarettes under fire

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Discount cigarettes shop :: cheap cigarettes — directory

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Cigarette filter — wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

«Consumers’ knowledge and beliefs about the safety of cigarette filters HASTRUP et al. 10 (1) 84 Tobacco Control». 1970 04 14. Retrieved 2013 01 02. «The History of Filters». Retrieved 2008 05 18. a b «British American Tobacco Cigarettes». Retrieved 2013 01 02. «What are cigarettes and filters made of? Longwood University». Retrieved 2013 01 02. «Cigarette Filter Danger» 1966 Lark cigarette commercial Rigotti NA, Tindle HA (March 2004). «The fallacy of «light» cigarettes». BMJ 328 (7440) E278 9. doi 10.1136/bmj.328.7440.E278.... Read More.

Август 29, 2015 cigarette exploding loads gag prank-1 pack: toys & games

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Cheap peter stuyvesant cigarettes – buy discount peter stuyvesant cigarettes online

Read more «I just wanted to let u know that I have order twice now…» April Read more «I just wanted to let u know that I have order twice now…» April Read more «Just wanted to let you know what a great company you are, with fantastic prices…» Diane Read more «I received my order over the last few days and am totally DELIGHTED…» Roger Read more «I just wanted to thank you for my order. I have received all of my items and very quickly…» Teresita Read more «such a wonderful company. such great prices.... Read More.

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Teens can easily buy e-cigarettes online: medlineplus

MONDAY, March 2, 2015 (HealthDay News) It’s easy for teens to buy electronic cigarettes online, a small study finds. Researchers supervised 11 teens in North Carolina, aged 14 to 17, as they tried to buy e cigarettes from 98 online sellers. The teens ordered e cigarettes successfully 75 times. The e cigarette sales were denied just 23 times. The purchases should have been denied every time. «In the absence of federal regulation, youth e cigarette use has increased and e cigarette sellers online operate in a regulatory vacuum, using few, if any, efforts to prevent sales to minors,»... Read More.

Август 26, 2015

Report: teens buy e-cigarettes online with little difficulty despite industry safeguards – consumerist

Back in February 2014, Ohio became the first state to prohibit the sale of e cigarettes to minors. Since then, 40 other states and cities have followed suit. Despite those regulations, a new study found it’s increasingly easy for teens to skirt the rules by purchasing the products online. USA Today reports that a new study published in JAMA Pediatrics found teens had little trouble purchasing e cigarettes through online retailers across the country. The study, which included 11 teens ages 14 to 17, found that participants were able to buy the products in 94% of attempts. In all, only five... Read More.

Август 25, 2015