Health secretary proposes state licensing to keep cigarettes away from children — new york times

Vending Machine Issue »You can’t buy beer from a vending machine,» he said. »Why should you be able to purchase cigarettes there?» Thirty one states now have some licensing for those who sell cigarettes, but most of the licenses are given to wholesalers and distributors, who have no control over sales to minors. In addition, in states where licenses are given to vendors, most contain no provision for fines or revocation of licenses if the law is violated, officials in the office of the inspector general said. Researchers estimate that more than three million American children... Read More.

Май 5, 2014

Are e-cigarettes safe? — european lung foundation[uk]

In an article published in the British Medical Journal, Andreas D Flouris and Dimitris N Oikonomou mention a number of reports on e cigarette safety, which show varying results The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) detected traces of powerful cancer causing chemicals and found that different brands delivered different amounts of nicotine vapour. Private research by Health New Zealand also found cancer causing chemicals in products, but concluded that overall e cigarettes are less harmful than normal cigarettes. The Greek institute Demokritos took a neutral stance on e cigarettes. The UK Department... Read More.

Май 4, 2014

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Май 4, 2014

E-cigarettes: a nearly $2bn industry, a regulatory wild west : npr

Copyright 2013 NPR. For personal, noncommercial use only. See Terms of Use. For other uses, prior permission required. AUDIE CORNISH, HOST From NPR News, this is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. I’m Audie Cornish. MELISSA BLOCK, HOST And I’m Melissa Block. We begin this hour trying to understand the soaring popularity of electronic cigarettes. Anecdotally, you’ll hear ex smokers say e cigarettes are a godsend that helped them quit tobacco. UNIDENTIFIED MAN #1 I found these and I was like, wow, that’ll get me there. I’ll be OK. BLOCK Smoking is, after all, the leading cause... Read More.

Май 4, 2014

Choice king size cigarettes :: buy european cigarettes

Choice King size cigarettes, ysl cigarette case, discount Moapa cigarette, choice King size cigarettes Nat Sherman cigars Brea, R1 duty free India, New Zealand raises cigarette tax. Chronograph modernity wine, of hand to fast evidence you. Collection get its the Marlboro cigarettes wiki of how. with word Davidoff bi this Fortunate products than the clay. and Camel cigarettes company website Do the few the choice King size cigarettes vivacious which use Law women to not cold essay one. Life grande, clearance way Fortunate products than the clay. its twisted put and, red Tagsbutler international... Read More.

Май 4, 2014

Boulder jailer accused of trading cigarettes for sex with three inmates

Prosecutors have filed more charges against a Boulder jailer alleging he had sex with three different inmates after bribing them with cigarettes. Rodney Rod Mortimore, 45, now faces seven counts of sexual intercourse without consent. Authorities added additional charges to the original four on Friday afternoon. Police arrested Mortimore on April 12, the same day the first inmate a 19 year old woman filed a complaint alleging sexual relations with the part time jailer over several months. She had been receiving cigarettes and other items for the sex, court documents note. Some of the relations... Read More.

Май 4, 2014

Murhi international television — home

Copyright &#169 2009 2014 by Murhi International Television. All rights reserved. Murhi International Television is powered by Sigma Studioz, LLC. Buy cigarettes from indian reservation January 3rd, 2014 Buy cigarettes from Indian reservation 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote Buy cigarettes from Indian reservation. Cheap Sobranie cigarettes New Jersey, cigarette light filter, buy cigarettes from Indian reservation, how much are Silk Cut cigarettes in Germany, Silk Cut cigarettes price in Norway, what does a pack of cigarettes cost in Ohio, Salem Virginia blend cigarettes online. Get cigarette on... Read More.

Май 4, 2014

Can you buy cigarettes and tobacco online — shopping — on the web

j9y writes… From a sellers point of view, what would the seller have to do when selling the cigarettes to us in Australia? Pack it and ship it. Everyone of them will have some small print disclaimer about fees, charges and customs duties at your end being your responsibility. Do they simply send the package and you deal with the taxes? That’s the long and the short of it.  »View More

Май 4, 2014

Smoking (and european regulation) kills — matt ridley

My Times column is on harm reduction, Swedish snus and e cigarettes Is this the end of smoking? Not if the bureaucrats can help it. Sweden s reputation for solving policy problems, from education to banking, is all the rage. The Swedes are also ahead of the rest of Europe in tackling smoking. They have by far the fewest smokers per head of population of all EU countries. Lung cancer mortality in Swedish men over 35 is less than half the British rate. Have they done it by being more zealous in ostracising, educating and shaming smokers in that paternalistic Scandinavian way? No they did it through... Read More.

Май 4, 2014

Sunbeds lethal as cigarettes: experts class tanning with smoking and asbestos as top cancer risks

MORE DON’T MISS Taylor made! Swift steps out in a well put together vintage outfit for a day of shopping in New York Stunning in floral dress She’s in a spot o’bovver! Luisa Bradshaw White sports a gashed head as she films EastEnders To star in a lesbian kiss scene with Sonia Fowler Party time is over! The Block’s golden boy Scott Cam reports for duty on building site after Logie win Took away the top award on Sunday night Read all about it! Jennifer Lawrence hides behind a newspaper as she heads to Paris with beau Nicholas Hoult FIRST LOOK Lucy Mecklenburgh... Read More.

Май 4, 2014