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Cigarettes are paper wrapped roll of finely cut tobacco for smoking purposes. Cigarette tobacco is usually milder than the cigar tobacco. Cigarettes have become very popular in recent times. Cigarettes are available in various brands and the most popular of these brands are Marlboro, Camel, and Winston. Amongst these Winston Cigarette was the one that popularized filter cigarettes.

Before the existence of Winston cigarette not many companies produced filter cigarettes and even those which produced it, the quality was far below expectation. Winston brought the flavor back to filter smoking. Winston cigarettes also have the finest filter in comparison to any other available in the market. Brands like Marlboro and Camel are also historically very popular brands. They also produce finest quality of cigarettes. These vary from being ultra light to medium to the stronger versions of cigarettes. The cigarettes have also begun being available in various flavors like menthol. Clove is another flavor which is expected soon. Filter cigarettes have a small filter towards one end of the cigarettes. This reduces the amount of smoke that one does inhale. The non filter cigarettes are 30 40% more harmful in terms of nicotine content. The cigarettes are also available as light cigarettes. These are good for starters and have nicotine content only about 30%.

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