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Three very different, but ultimately connected characters must face dilemmas and make choices which will affect their lives forever.

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Fedabog describes how people get addicted to cigarettes : bestof

This is how it works, I had a similar experience. eCigs aren&#39 t quitting, they are switching and it&#39 s nearly effortless. The only advice I can give people to add to this is…

  1. Buy a quality ecig (proper tank and coil, not disposable). Something like a Halo Triton. The difference between a proper ecig and the cheap gas station variety is night and day, calling them both &#39 ecigs&#39 seems like someone should be sued for false advertising.

  2. Switch to the eCig cold turkey don&#39 t mix and match with regular cigarettes. Have the ecig ready to go and then let yourself run out of cigarettes completely. It&#39 s much easier to fool your brain into thinking it is the same activity if you aren&#39 t doing both at the same time.

  3. Vape that ecig as hard and as often as you want while switching over. Just keep an eye on your nicotine level, it&#39 s a bad idea to chain vape liquids higher than 24mg/ml of nicotine. If you want to chain vape start off with 12 or 16.

  4. Go about 30 days before trying another regular cigarette. Bum one off of a friend, and try to smoke it after 30 days on the ecig. I guarantee you it&#39 ll take everything you have to go past 3 4 drags without throwing up, and your throat and lungs will be on fire. I recommend you do this because once this happens, you won&#39 t even crave them any longer. You&#39 ll find them disgusting.

  5. Branch out and try the flavors. Menthol and tobacco are the tip of the iceberg. They have everything from Key Lime Pie to Kung Pao Chicken. You&#39 ll need to try a lot of flavors before you find your go to daily vape. Everyone always sells sample packs of their flavors, so change it up a bit and try some out.

  6. Don&#39 t buy your vaping liquids from China. The only harmful additives ever found (in one study back in 2009 the FDA used as an excuse to try and ban ecigs) came from substandard chinese products. PG is FDA approved, GRAS, and exists cheaply in medical grade quality. Stick to US based vendors who use quality control and manufacture from high quality materials. Even the most expensive eliquid is dirt cheap compared to cigarettes.

And don&#39 t worry about your health. Dozens upon dozens of studies have failed to produce any evidence that the vapor is harmful in any way. The only thing you might have to worry about is an allergy to PG (propylene glycol) and since it&#39 s in everything, chances are you already know if you are.

This ease of transition to a cheap and untaxed product line is depriving big pharma of their NRT money, the tobacco companies of their cancer stick funds, and many governments of a lucrative tax revenue stream.

All three groups are fighting like hell to make ecigs illegal (or oppressively regulated and taxed) they commonly spread lies, so be skeptical as hell whenever you see a claim being made that isn&#39 t linked back to a proper medical journal. They aren&#39 t interested in public health, only in their bottom line.

If you care to know the facts, this collection of studies will get you started. And here&#39 s another source. Don&#39 t trust the sites, trust the linked sources. I can sum it up for you No harm found in the person vaping, even at ridiculous exposure levels. The only study left is to investigate long term, multi decade, high concentration exposure to PG itself, and absolutely no one in medicine is expecting this to turn out harmful (PG is in asthma inhalers, no problems with those). It&#39 s just a matter of being thorough.

Nicotine itself carries certain (mild) risks, and you have the option of eliminating that from your liquids or choosing an acceptable level for yourself. Used sparingly it&#39 s not generally considered harmful unless you have specific medical conditions that nicotine can exacerbate. Generally speaking, it&#39 s never the nicotine that kills you it&#39 s the other 4000 chemicals in a burning cigarette. Eliquids contain 5 on average pg and or vg, nicotine, and 2 3 flavor chemicals. That&#39 s it.

Don&#39 t forget to drop by /r/electronic cigarette if you have questions. They have answers.