555 cigarettes – a multi-faceted brand

555555 State Express cigarettes are a brand of cigarettes produced by the British American Tobacco. This company began its activity in 1915 and today it is the second most prominent trademark in Asia, yielding the palm just to such a notable tobacco mammoth as Philip Morris International.

The 555 State Express cigarettes are especially favored in China and Malaysia, where BAT holds a main position. Additionally, the Indonesian President Sukarno was exceptionally enamored with these cigarettes.

555 State Express tobacco items got to be acclaimed basically, because of their sponsorship exercises. For over one decade, the brand upheld improvement of engine game.

Along these lines, the logo of 555 cigarettes could be viewed as the engraving on the arrangement of dashing autos Subaru World Rally Championship, created somewhere around 1993 and 2004. On a basic level, Subaru still uses the sign of 555 in blue and yellow hues on their vehicles.

Other than hustling, 555 State Express brand was set apart in different ranges. In this way, with its support, the TV arrangement Star Trek was discharged in 1996: The Next Generation, which around then was entirely well-known in the United States.

In 1980, the brand turned into a supporter of the Olympic Games, in 1979 and the title in badminton was financially supported by means of this brand.

Since the 555 State Express cigarettes were distributed in the US as well as in different countries, then under a similar name of tobacco items information offered by different online stores and a wide range of outlets, there can be concealed diverse creating nations.

In this way, 555 State Express cigarettes Filter Kings were discharged at various times in the UK (in 60-s and 70-s), Japan (1970), Singapore (2000), UAE (2003), Mauritius (2004), USA (2006), Antigua (2008) and Grenada (2008). In its turn, 555 State Express brand in the 1940s was distributed in Switzerland, and in 1960 it was distributed in the UK.

By exhibiting the current 555 State Express cigarettes variety, we offer you such variants as 555 State Express Kings Gold (England), which contains 10 mg of tar and 1 mg of nicotine, and 555 State Express Kings Mandarin (England) comprising of 0.7 mg of nicotine and 8 mg of tar.