555 cigarettes — in demand as before

555 cigarettesThe American 555 cigarettes actually have a much longer title, namely the State Express 555.

However, the full name of the cigarettes is not convenient to gradually receding into the past. Originally tobacco products of this brand was invented and manufactured by Ardath Tobacco Co. Ltd. in the UK. Somewhat later, in 1925, the company was sold to the corporation British American Tobacco.

As a result, in just a few decades, these cigarettes were sold around the world, and found the really unprecedented popularity in many countries. In other matters, the brand is not always available, so fans of the brand have to buy your favorite tobacco from abroad.

The 555 Cigarettes are not just popular; they offer customers an optimum balance of premium varieties of tobacco, together with additional cigarette blends. This allows having a cigarette with a very pleasant taste, but simultaneously having a high strength. Agree that such a ratio is quite rare for modern tobacco products.

The manufacturer was able to achieve an extremely high degree of satisfaction after you finish smoking a cigarette. Probably, the brand had become so popular for this reason. By the way, this brand of cigarettes was successfully marketed. Such results could not be reached for at least a century. Well, we almost could not find any outstanding news or interesting facts about a similar success.

From any point of view, it is good because a good product does not need any extra advertising or presentation. To date, these tobacco products are supplied in approximately 50 different countries. These cigarettes are especially popular in Asia, but good sale rates are stated in the United States.

Primarily, the purchasers of these cigarettes are representatives of the middle class who can afford to daily purchase high-quality imported cigarettes, and cannot be satisfied with the products only, which are available in the local internal market. In response to recent events in the tobacco world, including a ban on tobacco advertising, the 555 brand is not so highly promoted, but is in demand as before.

On the other hand, these cigarettes are already constantly preferred by true clients who appreciate the good classic taste of tobacco products, high quality and a pleasant aroma. The connoisseurs say that the similar tobacco products are scarcely left in the country. Therefore, smokers prefer to buy such high-quality tobacco cigarettes from abroad, since they do not find such cigarettes at home.