555 Cigarettes –the pure satisfaction

555 CigarettesCigarettes are currently the most common type of tobacco products. Cigarettes have gained popularity due to their convenience – they are always with you, and do not require complex procedures performance in order to smoke them. This is the pure satisfaction from the first inhalation!

In addition, the strength of cigarettes is usually optimal to deeply inhale them, getting maximum pleasure from smoking

555 cigarettes brand has been manufactured by British American Tobacco since 1895.

Since the appearance of 555 cigarettes brand in the market these cigarettes have gained immense popularity in Asia, particularly in China. This is quite uncommon type of cigarettes, which has a rich taste and a special magnetic aroma.

State Express King 555 Gold cigarettes are the cigarettes designed for men with a great balanced taste and a long history.

But State Express 555 cigarettes brand has a much more long-standing relation to the United States, despite the fact that it was originally a British brand.

The fact is that the famous British entrepreneur, specializing in tobacco products, Sir Albert Levy back in 1893 traveled to the United States.

Being in New York State, he was lucky to be a passenger of express train, which was named as State Express. Albert Levy was so impressed by its speed which at the time was a record for land vehicles.

Having returned to England, he registered this name in his own country. That was how these words appeared on cigarettes. The figures got to be 555 also not accidentally. They represent a mixture of tobacco. All “beautiful” numbers from 111 to 999 were “engaged”. For example, 444 meant leaves from Macedonia and 777 – Turkish tobacco.

State Express King 555 Gold contains 1 mg of nicotine. The same amount is as well contained, for example, in other cigarettes of this brand – State Express King 555 Mandarin.

Through online resources, you can buy State Express King 555 Gold cigarettes and many variations of this leading brand.

Any counterfeit is excluded. Due to the direct supply there is provided a quite reasonable price that is often lower than in retail outlets.

Even if you find these cigarettes in retail outlets, the purchasing experience via online shop is quite different in a very positive way. Deliveries can be made not only in large cities, but also worldwide. Try this brand to make sure that this is exactly what you are looking for a lifetime!