555 cigarettes – traditional cigarettes of the British style

555-london-expressBritish cigarettes State Express 555 are the legend of the tobacco product world. Since many decades, this brand remains popular among smokers all over the world. The reason of the success of the cigarettes State Express 555 is a unique blend of several tobacco varieties and continuous improvement.

The Cigarettes State Express 555 appeared in Great Britain. In 1925, the brand was sold to a major tobacco corporation “British American Tobacco”. This brand was peculiar and was distributed on the territories of the USA, China, Brazil, Belgium, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Viet Nam, Bangladesh and Mauritius.

For the production of the tobacco blend, the high-quality tobaccos and special impurities were utilized, which provided these cigarettes with a soft aftertaste and extraordinary aroma.

This brand covers strong cigarettes with a rich taste, which is inhaled with the dense, white smoke that is typical for British cigarettes. The State Express 555 cigarettes are definitely loved by smokers. They are probably loved by experience tobacco consumers, who prefer the qualitative cigarettes with reliable filters.

Currently, the cigarettes State Express 555 are distributed predominantly in Asia, where they enjoy the popular recognition and well-deserved confidence among the inhabitants of the region.

Learn about the packaging of these original British cigarettes, where the zodiac signs can be encased on the front side of the stack.

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