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The FDA plans to announce long awaited regulations for electronic cigarettes that would for the first time ban their sale to minors and require health warnings on the devices nationwide. n

The FDA rules, which will be announced Thursday, will require that makers of e cigarettes and other tobacco related products register their products and ingredients with the FDA within the next two years, the Times reports. The FDA required warning labels will caution users against the risks of nicotine addiction. n

However, the government will not immediately restrict television advertisements and flavorings that could target younger consumers, according to the Times. n

The new regulations will be open to public comment and the possibility of legal challenges before becoming final. n

E cigarettes have been exploding in popularity, recently becoming a multibillion dollar industry. Cities and states across the U.S. have already begun imposing their own restrictions on the nicotine delivering devices in the absence of federal regulations. n

«I call the market for e cigarettes the wild, wild West in the absence of regulations, u201d Mitchell Zeller, director of the FDA u2019s Center for Tobacco Products, told reporters, the Times reports. n

The health impact of the devices remains unclear. n

LA Times n»,»section» «name» «U.S.»,»slug» «us»,»url» «http / / /us /» ,»tag» «name» «Law»,»slug» «law»,»url» «http / / /tag /law /» ,»tags» «E Cigarettes FDA Law Regulation tobacco»,»hero» «class» «landscape»,»thumbnail» «http / / /2014 /04 / «,»src» «small» «http / / /2014 /04 / «,»small 2x» «http / / /2014 /04 / «,»large» «http / / /2014 /04 / «,»large 2x» «http / / /2014 /04 / » ,»credit» «Frank Franklin II u2014AP»,»caption» «Talia Eisenberg, co founder of the Henley Vaporium, uses her vaping device in New York, Feb. 20, 2014.»,»alt» «Talia Eisenberg, co founder of the Henley Vaporium, uses her vaping device in New York, Feb. 20, 2014.» ,»id» 75312,»encoded url» «http%3A%2F% «,»encoded shortlink» «http%3A%2F% «,»encoded title» «The FDA Plans to Ban E Cigarette Sales to Minors»,»twitter text» «The%20FDA%20Plans%20to%20Ban%20E Cigarette%20Sales%20to%20Minors»,»twitter via» «TIME»,»email title» «The%20FDA%20Plans%20to%20Ban%20E Cigarette%20Sales%20to%20Minors%20%7C%20TIME»,»email body» «The%20FDA%20Plans%20to%20Ban%20E Cigarette%20Sales%20to%20Minors%0A%0AThe%20Food%20and%20Drug%20Administration%20has%20proposed%20rules%20that%20include%20requiring%20the%20markers%20of%20e cigarettes%20and%20other%20tobacco related%20products%20to%20register%20their%20ingredients%20in%20the%20next%20two%20years%2C%20marking%20a%20first%20step%20toward%20national%20regulation%0A%0Ahttp%3A%2F% » , «url» «http / / /74493 /meg ryan in how i met your dad /»,»right now» true,»shortlink» «http / / /1jCw2bV»,»title» «Meg Ryan Will Voice the Mother in How I Met Your Dad»,»post type» «post»,»comments allowed» true,»short title» «Meg Ryan to Voice Mother In How I Met Your Dad»,»excerpt» «The How I Met Your Mother spinoff to be told from the mother’s point of view has picked a narrator in rom com veteran Meg Ryan of When Harry Met Sally fame. Her role will mirror that of Bob Saget from the original CBS series, and yes, she will actually be named Sally»,»format» «brief»,»time» «pretty» «April 23, 2014″,»published» «2014 04 23 17 07 14″,»updated» «2014 04 23 21 07 14″,»minute» «5 07 pm»,»short» «4 /23″ ,»authors» «id» 206962657,»url» «http / / /author /eliana dockterman /»,»name» «Eliana Dockterman»,»twitter» «edockterman»,»gplus» «113363882407325344789»,»email» «»,»thumbnail» «http / / / /2014 /03 / «,»bio» «

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Meg Ryan will narrate the mom on the How I Met Your Mother spinoff How I Met Your Dad. n

Meg Ryan’s role will mirror that of Bob Saget from the original CBS series, Deadline reports. Saget was the voice of future Ted (present Ted was played by Josh Radnor) on HIMYM. Meg Ryan will do the same for future Sally. Present Sally will be played by Greta Gerwig. n

Don’t expect Ryan to be making any «I’ll have what she’s having» cameos on the show. Saget never actually appeared on HIMYM, and future Ted, when we finally saw him, was played by Radnor. The same will likely be true for Sally in the spinoff. n

Deadline n»,»section» «name» «Entertainment»,»slug» «entertainment»,»url» «http / / /entertainment /» ,»tag» «name» «Television»,»slug» «television»,»url» «http / / /tag /television /» ,»tags» «how i met your dad How I Met Your Mother Meg Ryan Television»,»hero» «class» «portrait»,»thumbnail» «http / / / /2014 /04 / «,»src» «small» «http / / /2014 /04 / «,»small 2x» «http / / /2014 /04 / «,»large» «http / / /2014 /04 / «,»large 2x» «http / / /2014 /04 / » ,»credit» «Venturelli /Getty Images»,»caption» «Meg Ryan attends Taormina Filmfest 2013 2013 at Teatro Antico on June 20, 2013 in Taormina, Italy.»,»alt» «Meg Ryan attends Taormina Filmfest 2013 2013 at Teatro Antico on June 20, 2013 in Taormina, Italy.» ,»id» 74493,»encoded url» «http%3A%2F% «,»encoded shortlink» «http%3A%2F% «,»encoded title»
«Meg Ryan Will Voice the Mother in How I Met Your Dad»,»twitter text» «Meg%20Ryan%20Will%20Voice%20the%20Mother%20in%20How%20I%20Met%20Your%20Dad»,»twitter via» «TIMECulture»,»email title» «Meg%20Ryan%20Will%20Voice%20the%20Mother%20in%20%3Ci%3EHow%20I%20Met%20Your%20Dad%3C%2Fi%3E%20%7C%20TIME»,»email body» «Meg%20Ryan%20Will%20Voice%20the%20Mother%20in%20%3Ci%3EHow%20I%20Met%20Your%20Dad%3C%2Fi%3E%0A%0AThe%20%3Ci%3EHow%20I%20Met%20Your%20Mother%3C%2Fi%3E%20spinoff%20to%20be%20told%20from%20the%20mother%27s%20point of view%20has%20picked%20a%20narrator%20in%20rom com%20veteran%20Meg%20Ryan%20of%20%3Ci%3EWhen%20Harry%20Met%20Sally%3C%2Fi%3E%20fame.%20Her%20role%20will%20mirror%20that%20of%20Bob%20Saget%20from%20the%20original%20CBS%20series%2C%20and%20yes%2C%20she%20will%20actually%20be%20named%20Sally%0A%0Ahttp%3A%2F% » , «url» «http / / /75046 /obama russia ukraine sanctions /»,»right now» true,»shortlink» «http / / /RNAVZI»,»title» «Further Sanctions on Russia Are u2018Teed Up u2019 Obama Says»,»post type» «post»,»comments allowed» true,»short title» «U.S. Further Sanctions on Russia Are Possible»,»excerpt» «Tension between the U.S. and Russia continues to escalate as President Obama says new sanctions could be days away and Moscow claims the U.S. is fomenting unrest in eastern Ukraine, where state buildings in several towns have been seized by pro Russian separatists»,»format» «brief»,»time» «pretty» «3 13 AM ET»,»published» «2014 04 24 03 13 33″,»updated» «2014 04 24 07 13 33″,»minute» «3 13 am»,»short» «3 13 AM ET» ,»authors» «id» 207040057,»url» «http / / /author /david stout /»,»name» «David Stout»,»twitter» «»,»gplus» «»,»email» «»,»thumbnail» null,»bio» «» ,»content» «

The cigarette industry: running out of puff

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Were that to happen America s three big tobacco firms, Altria, Reynolds and Lorillard, could be snuffed out, too. Public health officials plot the same fate for multinationals that supply other markets. The hit list includes Philip Morris International (PMI), which along with Altria makes Marlboro, the top selling global brand Japan Tobacco and British American Tobacco and Imperial Tobacco of Britain.

They are a hardy bunch, unlikely to be spooked. But the methods they have used to withstand a half century of battering by regulators may be losing potency. In the rich world, where the economy is sluggish, smokers are trading down to cheaper puffs. The regulatory climate in developing countries is becoming more hostile. New technologies such as e cigarettes promise to deliver nicotine less riskily. Big tobacco firms may master them, but it would be a radical shift, akin to converting the car industry from internal combustion engines to battery power. David Adelman of Morgan Stanley, an investment bank, does not see anything that s upending the conventional tobacco business model. But the model needs tweaking.

Some reasons for Mr Adelman s confidence are sound. Advertising bans and the industry s pariah status deter would be competitors. When cigarette makers raise prices, smokers cough up. Global consumption keeps rising, thanks largely to population growth in poorer countries. The cigarette giants pamper investors with big dividends and share buy backs they have flocked to tobacco shares (see chart).

But the going is getting tougher. This month health officials in China, home to more smokers than any other country, called for a ban on smoking in public places. That would mainly affect state owned China Tobacco, which has a near monopoly. But multinationals shares wobbled anyway the proposed crackdown could portend tighter regulation elsewhere. Britain s government, after some wavering, may now go ahead and copy Australia s requirement for cigarettes to be sold in ugly, scary plain packs .

Such pleasure pinching regulation strikes at one of the main ways cigarette companies boost profits converting smokers to pricier brands. Premiumisation is still happening in developing countries, where incomes are rising. But elsewhere smokers are turning to cheaper brands or rolling their own cigarettes. Many smokers will not trade back up once the economy improves, largely because smoking and advertising bans have robbed the habit of its air of glamour. Euromonitor International, a research firm, forecasts that everywhere except in Asia and the Middle East prices will rise less from 2012 to 2017 than they did during the previous five years.