An amazing effect of smoking (cigarettes online uk)

cigarettes online ukAny smoker can certainly name some specific pluses of smoking, but if you are not accustomed to smoking, you just will not comprehend everything he/she has to say.

The main advantage and prize comprise unbelievable satisfaction, waterfall of feelings which captivate your body. Especially great and sharp it is felt after a break in smoking.

This is a good reason due to which millions and millions of people continue to smoke despite of possible disadvantages and problems (every preferance has some minuses as well, it is quite nirmal).

Everything that you can legally and easily get in our modern life will not provide you with such an amazing effect like smoking does.

Smoking can have a positive effect on brain activity in healthy people, which is manifested by a return to a normal state of health, better information processing, the boost of some motor reactions and perhaps with improvement of memory.

The impact of tobacco-smoking is poorly studied, since all studies were carried out with the participation of smokers who tend to have an increased tolerance to tobacco smoke and receptors are altered as the result of smoking.

The results obtained during the examination of patients, who did not stop smoking, could also be distorted.

Yet there is clear evidence that nicotine improves mental performance and accelerates the processing of information in non-smokers.

Is it necessary or not? Do not smoke at least today. It is necessary to arrange at least days of limited consumption of smoking, and thus reduce the harm of smoking.

No, if you smoke, and then do not smoke and then smoke again, then you will really not be feeling well.

Any interruption — for a day, week, month – with the subsequent smoking causes more damage than even a light smoking. Therefore, it is necessary to rationally quit smoking.

A research team led by British Professor Bo Landbeka analyzed lung function in 1116 men and women (aged at 35 and 68 years).

The volunteers were divided into three groups: regular smokers, those who tried to quit, and those who never smoked.

It was found that those who started smoking one year later, lung function or volume of air inhaled decreased by 5%.

In those who have never tried to quit smoking, the amount of inhaled air decreased by 3%.

The professor came to conclusion that those who could not live without cigarettes experienced a loss of some protective functions of the body caused by tobacco smoke that persists — possibly for life in «dedicated» smokers.

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