An overview of all HEETS flavours

The management of the Marlboro producer is therefore convinced that tobacco heaters are more widely accepted by smokers than e-cigarettes. At the same time, a risk reduction comparable to the evaporation of liquids is to be achieved. In toxicological studies, the company’s research department came to the conclusion that IQOS reduces the pollutant content of tobacco smoke by more than 90 percent (2, 3). According to a randomized controlled study with 160 patients over a period of three months, the lower exposure should lead to a similar decrease in pollution as with a complete smoking cessation (4). The addictive potential of the conventional cigarette remains unchanged with Philip Morris’ new nicotine product.

We bring you an overview of all HEETS flavours in 2019, the range has been expanded considerably, the names of the variations in the world are the same with the exception of Japan and now also the USA.

What HEETS flavors are there in Canada?

HEETS Bronze Selection – brown color, strong tobacco taste.

HEETS Sienna Selection – red color, intense, pure tobacco taste (GR)

HEETS Amber Selection – orange color, intense taste with a hint of nuts.

HEETS Yellow Selection – yellow color, soft taste with a hint of citrus.

HEETS Turquoise Selection – turquoise color, intense menthol taste.

HEETS Terra Selection – purple, with a hint of roasted tobacco

HEETS Teek Selection – light brown, roasted tobacco

The sales price is based on the excise duty on Marlboro cigarettes, according to which the HEETS price is determined.

Other HEETS flavours are:

There are many other HEETS flavours, some even with fruity aromas, the Blueberry Purple HEETS flavours are popular.

HEETS Red Label – red, intense, pure tobacco taste

HEETS Blue Selection – dark blue, very strong mint (not menthol).

HEETS Green Selection – dark green, menthol.

HEETS Purple Wave – purple, blueberry and forest herb flavor with menthol.

HEETS Silver Selection – silver, very mild taste.

HEETS Cedar Selection – brown, similar to bronze.

HEETS Gold Selection- medium taste

HEETS Green Zing – menthol-lime flavor.

As we learned on our excursion to the IQOS Cube development center, the HEETS prices are based on Marlboro cigarettes. No matter what flavours you choose, the main thing you enjoy smoking this kind of cigs, and consider it better than your regular routine of smoking.