Any good canadian brands that are cheap? – cigarette forum & smokers community

#1 (permalink) 12 02 2010, 09 22 PM ShamWoow Junior Member Join Date Dec 2010 Location Canada Posts 3 Rep Power 0 Any good Canadian brands that are cheap?

I’ve been smoking once in a while through high school and never smoked for flavour. I never stuck with a brand. Now that I’ve turned 18, I’d like a list of great brands that are around $9 for about 25. I have tried Viceroy, the flavour was just terrible for $8.

PS. What are menthol cigarettes? What’s the difference between lights and regular cigarettes? #2 (permalink) 12 20 2010, 06 39 PM Therion Super Moderator Join Date Dec 2010 Location United States Posts 69 Rep Power 10

Cigs in Canada are are insanely expensive. $10 $12 a pack is the average for a higher end name brand. #3 (permalink) 02 06 2011, 12 27 PM Peerce Junior Member Join Date Feb 2011 Location Canada Posts 13 Rep Power 0

Asked a while ago, but the first cigarette I truly enjoyed was Du Maurier. I now find these too acidic though. For full flavor cigarettes my favorite Canadian brand is the similar Number 7 Red (as with most smokes, the regulars taste better). Right now though I’m trying different brands. Export A are good for them I like the reds. Export A greens are probably the strongest Canadian cigarettes on the market, though apparently have the least toxins (specifically the unfiltered ones). These are as strong (or depending on your taste, “as bad”) as full flavored Camels. I avoid the cheaper brands like Viceroy which I’ve never tried but have heard are horrible. I also don’t care for Players or Belmont.

To answer your other questions, regular cigarettes are the smaller cigarettes while king size are of course the bigger ones. This is a scam though. The filter on the king size version is longer and there are holes in it the taste is different. I find regular cigarettes much more satisfying. “Light” cigarettes are just that not full flavored. They aren’t actually any better for you though and in fact you smoke more often and inhale more smoke with them just to get the same amount of nicotine you would with a full flavored smoke. Menthols have a mint taste. I smoked these exclusively for a while (Number 7 menthol is probably the best in Canada) but am now back to real cigarettes. These are apparently much worse for you and I can attest they are more addictive. They are also “light” so I smoked more often. #4 (permalink) 02 08 2011, 05 30 AM Petr 4 Senior Member Join Date Jan 2009 Location Greece(Macedonia) Posts 115 Rep Power 17

Try Dunhill King Size. Is different in Canada,has the old blend and pack. #5 (permalink) 05 25 2011, 01 23 PM stevemonte Entry Member Join Date May 2011 Location United States Posts 1 Rep Power 0

How can i get this Export A cigarettes when i’m living in USA? Please advice

Thank you #6 (permalink) 06 09 2011, 12 02 AM bnbtobacco Junior Member Join Date Mar 2011 Location United States Posts 12 Rep Power 0

light cigarettes are less harmful this is the common thinking while using these while this is not true. The light cigarettes contains a low tar and low no. of nicotine. #7 (permalink) 06 11 2011, 10 21 AM potatohead Junior Member Join Date Jan 2011 Location Canada Posts 25 Rep Power 0

Do yourself a favor and skip Canadian cigarettes. They are overpriced and they don’t have the taste to make it worthwhile.

Order online for European tobacco. The blends include some Turkish tobacco, which gives a cigarette its flavor. #8 (permalink) 12 30 2012, 05 26 PM fruitkiller Entry Member Join Date Dec 2012 Location Canada Posts 1 Rep Power 0

Even in my province, Qc, with the 2 sales tax, we had the best price on cigs in all canada. With the latest rise in taxes on non essential goods (tobacco, alcohol), I don’t think it’s true anymore.

For example, I used to smoke Export A medium (blue’s) for the longest time cos the Couche Tard in front of my apartment always sold them less expensive than other Export A strenghts.

But now a pack of 25 export a medium is 9,78 so I’m going with cheaper brands since a year or two.

Mark Tens were the best cigarettes to me for the price for a while, pack of 20 6,34, pack of 25 7,80. But now a pack of 25 since that damn tax raise is 9,21!

So I asked for another brand I remember being cheap. I ask for Number 7’s like a poster here suggested. Bzzt, not cheap anymore, 9,21 just like Mark Tens. Same thing with Peter Jackson’s, those are now deluxe cigs too.

So right now packs below 9 dollars that are alright cigarettes I would say Mcdonald’s Specials, and John Player’s Standards. Those go for 8,40 or so a pack right now. I don’t know about even cheaper ones like Viceroy or Legends, Next, Studio etc. But I have had Pall Malls, which are the cheapest brand available at the Couche Tard along with Studios, but Pall Malls “corsйe”, the dark red packs. For 7.03 dollars, they are okay, and yes I am sad to say thats as cheap as it goes now. The last 2 brands i saw going for under 6 dollars for a 20 pack were Pall Malls and Studios where they were 5,84. With the recent tax raise they are over 6.

But I also noticed everytime tax raises on cigs or just the provincial sales tax going up by 1% last january, cheaper crappy brands come out. It was the case last time, when Next and Pall Malls came out.

I’ve seen Studios cigs since a long time and unlike other cigs we’d consider as crappy back then, they didn’t go up in price very much if they are the cheapest with pall malls at Couche Tard.

Obviously prices are cheaper in Tobacco shops, but i dont have any close to me now. When i go on Masson street in montreal I sure do stop at the Masson Tobacco Shop. Back in 2006 I was getting my packs of export a blue’s 6,80 there, i went back last year and they were just still 7,40. I wonder how they are now. I also wonder how come that tobacco shop have such better prices than everywhere else.

Oh well as for today I am smoking a premium brand because friends left over tons of empty beer bottles at my house yesterday. So I got myself a pack of Craven A’s #9 (permalink) 01 17 2013, 05 33 AM pipesdaddy Senior Member Join Date Jan 2013 Location United States Posts 107 Rep Power 12 Any good Canadian brands that are cheap?


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