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Check tobacco, cigarette, beer, wine, spirits and confectionary products and prices in Belgium, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Portugal , Germany, Malta, Greece and Great Britian. Prices in the UK and on the continent, Europe and beyond. All baccy, tobacco and cigarette prices are current at time of press and should be used as a guideline only. It is advisable to compare prices between competitors and shop around for the best deal.

If you shop in Adinkerke be aware that some vendors may exploit buyers when supplies are low by hiking up the cost of tobacco products or refusing to make a sale unless you buy other branded products, which can contravene UK custom guidelines ( A mix of products and brands may make it difficult to show that the goods are for your own personal consumption and not for commercial enterprise).

Also be aware that prices are shown in Pound sterling and in Euros, however some vendors in Adinkerke refuse to take Euros for certain products, a practice that goes beyond any comprehension, that they can refuse to take their own currency! MADNESS

Costs and prices are shown for single baccy pouches, ciggie packets or bottles etc, but some shops may give multiple prices. Note that some shopkeepers may limit how much you can buy to reflect UK Customs guidelines and allowances.

If you have any comments, want to report a vendor or have experienced similar treatment , then why not share it with us on the Forum or if you prefer Contact us direct. Its time to name and shame the culprits.

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Global legal monitor: european union: proposal for self-extinguishing cigarettes

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(Sep 04, 2008) Self extinguishing cigarettes, which go out automatically within a minute if not puffed, are sold in Canada and in some states in the United States. Recently, the European Commission announced that all cigarettes have to be «fire safe» by 2011. EU Commissioner for Consumer Protection Meglena Kuneva remarked that «by introducing self extinguishing cigarettes, at least 2,000 lives could be saved in the EU each year.» (EU Plans Rules for Self Extinguishing Cigarettes, EU OBSERVER, Aug. 6, 2008, available at /?rk 1 EU Plans «Fire Safe» Cigarettes, BBC NEWS, Aug. 6, 2008, available at )

In the European Union, cigarettes have been linked to causing forest fires during the period 2005 2007, there were a reported 11,000 fires annually and 520 deaths caused by cigarettes. Smoking in bed has also been associated with deaths caused by fires. Under the new rules, the tobacco industry will be required to use additional layers of thickened paper around the cigarettes in order to slow down the burning process. The European Committee on Standardization has been involved in preparing the technical specifications for such cigarettes. (Id.)

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Last updated 09/04/2008

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