Benson and Hedges – aroma of delicate taste

bensonhedges_smoothBenson and Hedges is an English brand of cigarettes promoted by Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco and Japan Tobacco. In the UK, they were initially rolled in Old Bond Street in London. They were prevalently produced by using the Virginia tobacco sorts.

In the 1930s, the Benson and Hedges Ltd was founded by Abraham Wix. This branch was purchased by the British American Tobacco in 1956. Today, the British American Tobacco markets the Benson and Hedges cigarettes throughout Asia and the Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand, yet except for Taiwan and the Philippines. The Canadian branch of Benson and Hedges is the property of Philip Morris International.

In 2008, Benson and Hedges appeared in the market as a 14-cigarette pack to be distributed in cigarette markets. It likewise propelled a Black variety of its cigarettes; however these vanished in the mid 2009. In July 2009, B&H had appeared as Gold and Silver variants of this tobacco product. A newly designed pack for the Silver sub-brand cigarettes had then appeared as well.

In June 2010, Benson and Hedges launched the Edge pack, another packaging style with edged/bended corners, which was intended for the Gold cigarettes.

Right now, the UK brands are Benson and Hedges Gold, Silver and Benson and Hedges Gold Superkings.

The varieties of Benson and Hedges developed in the UK within 40 years, they had then included: Sovereign, Gold Bond, Virginia Red, and Virginia Blue.

In June 2011, another brand had been introduced to the UK market – Benson and Hedges White.

One of the most successful Benson and Hedges sub-brand is the Benson and Hedges Dual flavor cigarette. Its pack has a “slide” style, which is typical for the Silver brand.

In Australia, the Benson and Hedges cigarettes are accessible in the following varieties: Classic, Rich, Smooth, Subtle, Fine and Ultimate. They are available in the standard Australian plain packaging for cigarettes.

The United States version of these cigarettes is since 1960s 100 mm long.

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