Benson & Hedges cigarettes – a time-tested brand

bensonhedges_smoothBenson & Hedges – classic cigarettes originally from Northern Ireland, which history begins in 1885. It was then that tobacco products from business partners Richard Benson and William Hedge first came on sale. In 1900, the British manufactory was able to expand the horizons of its business and established independent branches in Canada and the United States.

A scrupulous approach to the quality of products and the original blend of tobacco allowed the brand to prove itself as a time-tested brand, guaranteeing a stunning taste and aroma when smoking.

In 1958, the American cigarette brand Benson & Hedges was bought by tobacco giant Philip Morris, and in 1960 the same fate befell the British and Canadian offshoots. From this moment, the rapid growth of brand popularity and its expansion around the world begins. On sale there were new series of cigarettes with the updated tobacco mixture, and the packaging design became modern and easily recognizable admires of tobacco products.

Today, Benson & Hedges cigarettes are available in a golden, silver and green pack. The first are aimed at customers who like rich taste and rich aroma. The latter are suitable for smokers who prefer products with a low nicotine content and soft velvety tobacco flavor. Green packaging is aimed at customers who like menthol cigarettes with a cool, breath-freshening aftertaste.

A distinctive feature of cigarettes, native to Northern Ireland, is a mixture of tobacco Virginia. In contrast to the classic “American mixture”, the British tobacco mixture includes varieties of tobacco Virginia Filler grades, Full Flavor and Medium Flavor. If you decide to buy Benson & Hedges, you immediately appreciate their taste, due to the unusual, saturated piquant tobacco mixture of the British model.

In the late 1970s, these items were publicized in a progression of blurbs and silver screen movies, which included the gold pack in different dreamlike juxtapositions and changes, without words and individuals. In 2001, the cigarette packaging was changed from Special Filter to Gold, and a Silver adaptation was presented, with decreased tar content and 0.1 mg less nicotine, at a marginally less expensive cost. In 2008, a 14 cigarette pack was propelled, close by existing 10 and 20 packs. In July 2009, a Gold and Silver variants of moving tobacco were propelled.

As of June 2011, the UK brands were Gold, Silver, White and Gold Superkings, and moving tobacco. Suspended previous brands in the UK included: Sovereign, Gold Bond, Virginia Red, Virginia Blue, and Black.

In October 2012, a “Double” (double flavor) cigarette was presented, with a client poppable case inside the filter. On the off chance that the case is blasted, the cigarette flavor is modified from plain to menthylated tobacco.

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