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Hazy rules for e-cigarettes

If you are going to vape, then vape respectfully.

The e cigarette, which electronically vaporizes liquid nicotine for inhalation, is fast becoming a popular way for tobacco smokers to cut down or kick their habit. While Health Canada ponders how to regulate it, a hazy situation has settled over communities and businesses contemplating how to handle the digital device in public spaces.

Advocates swear the e cigarette is a life changer. For now, its reputation relies on scant research, word of mouth and anecdotal evidence.

Here s an anecdote based on experience Don t use an ecigarette in line at Starbucks, or risk getting a stern Please, sir, don t do that in here.

Also, puffing on one in the middle of a busy mall food court will garner icy stares from nearby shoppers.

This reporter did both, curious about the public s acceptance after buying my own e cigarette. I am a packa day smoker and desperately would like to be a former one.

Do e cigarettes work? How do they work? Will they work in public spaces?

Buying and Using

So you re determined to buy an e cigarette. Where do you get one? Many people buy the device and nicotine liquid over the Internet. Brick and mortar stores are popping up, too, despite the Health Canada ban, but the stores may or may not openly sell the nicotine liquid.

A starter kit the device, three small bottles of liquid with varying nicotine concentrations, a charger and spare parts generally costs about $100. If you smoke a pack a day, the kit pays for itself in a week.

The device is usually charged and refilled everyday, and the atomizer can burn out without warning. This is less convenient than nicotine gum or patches, but more convenient than dying of cancer.

The device is a thin cylinder made of three parts the USB charged battery, the atomizer that heats up the liquid and turns it into vapour, and the liquid cartridge. Simply hold down a button to vaporize the nicotine and inhale. Repeat as necessary.

The nicotine liquid contains food additives, vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, and comes in a variety of flavours. Critics argue the ingredient lists should be more transparent so that reliable information is available for researchers and consumers.

Local rules and e cig etiquette

The City of Saskatoon s smoking bylaw specifically deals with tobacco therefore, it doesn t cover e cigarettes with nicotine.

The provincial government says the same thing about provincial tobacco control laws. A city spokesperson said the administration has not investigated e cigarette issues and likely will not unless a city councillor makes a formal inquiry.

That leaves workplaces and business owners to make up their own rules.

E cigarettes aren t banned inside Saskatoon s Market Mall, but a few complaints have trickled in, said the mall s general manager, Greg Dionne. Users are generally conscious of their surroundings, but some need reminders, he said.

When you re in a food court sitting beside four senior citizens, don t puff it, he said. Be respectful.

I deliberately did the opposite in Midtown Plaza s food court this week, when I sat down alone at a table during a busy lunch rush and puffed away. Two women beside me did not look pleased, and others stared at me from afar.

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