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Are you interested in buying e cigs, but often wonder «what are the best e cigs Australia has available»? We have spent hours, days, weeks and months doing the research for you to determine the answer to this question. We’ve invested heavily in a variety of brands and tested each one for quality, reliability and smoking satisfaction. We’ve considered how easy it easy to order and how quickly you will receive each brand. We’ve sought out brands that we believe provide the closest experience to smoking a traditional cigarette, yet offer more dollar savings than standard smokes. All of our recommended brands provide e cigarettes with nicotine, and as such supply of each brand is via international sources. Happily, you can easily access each brand via this website. So what are the best e cigs, you ask?


We recommend you buy a Green Smoke e cigarette

Of all the brands we reviewed, we believe Green Smoke delivers the best, most satisfying e cigarette experience, and we’re excited to note that you can get Green Smoke e cigarettes here in Australia. In addition, getting started is very easy they offer a variety of Starter Packs and accessories. Delivery is fast and customer service levels are exemplary. Check out our Green Smoke review here, and click the banner underneath to buy the best e cigarettes in Australia.

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Of course, the best electronic cigarette in Australia is not limited to one brand. We have found others that we are comfortable recommending, and you will find more details about each when you click the relevant photo below.

Make your own cigarettes — brand cigars newtown

Tired of paying $80 for a carton of cigarette in Connecticut? Did you know that you can save over $50 a carton by making your own? It’s fairly simple.

Step 1
You will have to purchase a cigarette making machine for about $40. This is an one time investment which will last for years. Very easy to use and you can probably make 3 5 cigarettes a minute.
Cleaning and maintenance is very easy to. If you ever have any issues with the machine, just bring it back to the store and we’ll try to fix it for you. We have spare parts.

Step 2
Once you have the machine, you can purchase cigarette tobacco ($15 $20 per carton). The tobacco comes in full flavor, light, ultra light, mentho, menthol light, etc… They come in different size of bags and pouches. Store them in room temperature in your house and they will not go stale.

You have the option of buying cigar tobacco as well. They are just as good as cigarette tobacco and the prices are generally much lower than cigarette tobacco due to less taxes. You can try different brands and flavors to match the taste of your regular pack of cigarette.

Step 3
You need some tubes. Filtered tubes that is. There are about 200 tubes in a box which will make a carton. Tubes cost around $4 $5 per box. Just like the tobacco bags, the tubes come in full flavor, light, ultra light, menthol, etc.

That’s it. Once you come into our store, just ask the tobacconist over the counter to give you a demo. We’ll be more than happy to show you how to save money by making your own cigarettes.

Photos from the store

We have plenty of rolling cigarette tobacco in the store.

We also have plenty of cigarette tubes in king size and 100MM.

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