Best e-cigarette brands, best e-cigarettes and starter kits for women

Why? We’re the only e cigarette brand created BY women.

Our goal is to be the best e cigarette brand for women. Out of all the brands of e cigarettes, only Vaping Vamps was created BY women.

We wanted to take a lot of the guesswork out of choosing the best e cigarettes and e cigarette starter kits, especially for women who were new to vaping. We offer only products and flavors that we KNOW women like, because every one of our products has been tested by women smokers on our Vaping Vamps test panel.

Why create a brand of e cigarettes for women?

There’s a very confusing array of e cigarette products out there. We wanted to make it easy for women who are trying to find the best e cigarettes and the best e cigarette brand for them.

You’ll notice that we don’t offer a huge array of products. We just offer products and flavors that we’ve tested and know will appeal to women, and especially vaping «newbies.»

First, we assembled a group of women smokers who were new to vaping and asked them what they preferred. We had a fun time testing several different e cigarette models as well as about 50 different e cig flavors!

We only selected flavors that unanimously scored high points (a 5 on the yucky to yummy scale). Some flavors sounded good, like chocolate and coffee, but they didn’t taste good (they tasted more like burnt coffee).

Then, we selected the best e cigarettes and e cig flavors according to their preferences

  • A shorter, lighter 510 automatic battery rather than a longer, heavier one
  • Two piece style (battery cartomizer) rather than the three piece style with separate atomizer
  • A sleek, black e cigarette rather than one that looks like a real cigarette
  • The convenience of pre filled cartomizers and free shipping on all e cigarette kits.
  • Flavors that we LOVED! Virginia (tobacco), Mint Julie, Mango, Teaberry and Caramel.

Our e cigarettes produce TONS of vapor, unlike others we’ve tried. And we are getting great feedback on our ‘Tri Level Kit’ that has three different levels of nicotine (it’s a Vaping Vamps exclusive!)

Finally, our customers whole heartedly support the idea that we donate a portion of all profits to charities that help women.

Read more about Maria Verven, Lead Vamp, and why she cares about women who smoke and women’s health issues.

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The best e cigarettes and e cigarette starter kits at the best prices

The best e cigarettes and e cigarette starter kits at the best prices we can offer.

That s our promise to you.

There are dozens of brands of e cigarettes out there. Way too many claim to be the best e cigarette brand. It s very confusing.

We found that on most sites, it feels like you re ordering machine parts. There’s no assurance whether you’re getting what we know women like, such as the weight of the battery, flavors, and ease of use. Plus, we created a «How to Vape» manual that explains how to use your new e cigarette in ways that are super easy to understand!

Basically, you’re ordering a battery. And if you really want to know, the battery in our e cigarette starter kits is the 510 battery it’s a 140mAh rechargeable lithium battery that weighs in at 10g and measures 102mm. I mean, really! When was the last time you measured and weighed a battery?

The important thing to know is the 510 battery is the industry standard. It s a good, solid, reliable battery from a good, solid, reliable manufacturer who s been making these for many years.

Even in our Try Me kits, you re getting this same top quality 510 battery that will last you for months, and not the cheap disposable battery you get at drug stores.

Most of those other e cigarette brands are selling the same technology, created from the same handful of Chinese manufacturers (which is where all electronics are made, for various reasons).

Some companies (including the e cigs at your local drugstore) will sell you a cheap battery at a huge mark up. Others offer a good battery and will sell it to you as a premium product, charging you guessed it a premium price. We ve seen e cigarette starter kits going for as much as $250!

Oh, and were you wondering about those free e cigarette starter kit or trial e cigarette starter kit offers? Yeah, so were we. Read what happened to us, and do NOT fall for the same scam!!

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be happy with your purchase from Vaping Vamps. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your e cigarette starter kit or vapor cigarettes, we offer the best guarantee in the business we will refund your money, no problem. We’d like to say «no questions asked,» but we would like to know what you didn’t like, so we can continue to improve!

Disposable e cigarettes

The disposable e cigs are a great option, and are the easily accessible smokeless cigarette option for most people at least at first.

Most people tend to try out the same brands, namely Njoy, Blu Cigs and Logic, V2 and my favourite Green Smoke.

So I decided I would try out some of the disposables that are on the market, to see how they shape up in terms of flavour.

I intend to try some more out, and so far I have tried out the Green Smoke, V2 Red disposable, South Beach Regular flavor, Zig Zag (pictured above), Logic and the Njoy King.

If you are going out, or you have a busy lifestyle and need e cigs on the go, these are a good alternative to rechargables, and are very convenient, and for me this is what I need.

Some Top Picks

The V2 was really good, and was really close to the experience of the rechargeable ones, but the flavor was off not quite the same. I sometimes use these for mere convenience, although if you are lloking at your budget, refill cartridges and rechargables will save you more money.

The above are available at

The Njoy King was also pretty good. It was pretty close to the real tobacco taste of a cigarette, and I would use them again since I ve tried out a few more recently that I can compare them to.

The Logic I am currently trying out. It is similar to a rechargeable one in weight, and also the battery looks quite like a rechargeable battery, so it is a good option.

Others Which Really Stand out

The South Beach and Green Smoke were both good regular flavour ecigs.

A disposable would be the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to try out just one e cig, although if you actually like it and keep using them, then it s they are no longer as cheap as the rechargable and refillable e cigarettes.

Many claim to equal to a full pack of cigarettes. However, the may be in terms of their nicotine content, but I couldn t say the are equal in terms of satisfaction to a full pack of regular cigarettes if you compare to just a single disposable, or for that matter even a single disposable cartridge. In my opinion from experience, 1 pack of regular cigareets is probably closer to 2 or 3 cartridges, or disposables e cigs.

Here are some of the available options for disposables

Bull Smoke

Available at the website

Zig Zag Menthol

Available at the website

South Beach Smoke

Available at the website

Green Smoke (my personal favourite)

Available at the website

Zig Zag Tobacco

Available at the website

V2 Menthol

Available at the website