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Which E Cigarette Brands Are Best

You may be thinking, okay if there are really that many electronic cigarette brands on the market, there must be a ton of manufacturers! Well, not really. There are only a handful of e cig manufacturers&#8230 in the entire world

Now you’re probably realizing that that means a lot of brands are selling the same exact product. But it’s even crazier than that&#8230 almost all e cigarette brands are selling the same model. They have the same shape, design, structure and working parts. It’s wild

Most Companies Are Selling the Same Thing&#8230 Sort Of

It’s called the KR808D model e cigarette, otherwise referred to as the «Mini». It’s shaped and sized as close as possible to a real tobacco cigarette. It’s a 2 part electronic cigarette with a battery and a flavor cartridge. They all look the same with minor differences depending on the brand and manufacturer. In terms of size and shape&#8230 identical.
There are other types of electronic cigarettes that really intense hobbyists are into, but for beginner’s there is really only one option in terms of model. You can see just by visiting a few different sites that the batteries are all the same shape generally.

So Is There Any Difference Between One Brand or Another?

This is a very important question. While most brands sell the same model, the quality varies wildly depending on the particular brand’s manufacturer, safety standards and quality control. The top brands have continued to perfect the manufacturing process to create batteries and cartridges with slight changes that make a world of difference. If you were to buy from a brand still selling e cigarettes from 2009 (and there are some out there) than your e cig would look 90% like any modern one, but it would have a much shorter battery life, inferior vapor production and probably taste pretty bad.

These factors are the difference between a great brand and a fly by night operation that just buys in bulk and resells. There are a number of great brands for you to choose from, and those are the brands we have listed and reviewed on the right sidebar. The other e cigarette brands? We are going to include a master list for your perusal, but we recommend reading our reviews before buying from many of them!

What’s a Great E Cigarette Brand and Why?

V2 Cigs is our top rated electronic cigarette brand, and it’s because they do everything right. They have a manufacturer they work with directly to create better batteries and flavor cartridges&#8230 they don’t just buy in bulk and hope for the best. They have full time engineers who help design and perfect the products. They have rigorous safety standards and quality controls, testing everything in their impressive quality control lab down in Miami. They have as many as 20 American customer service reps working at a time from their headquarters. Basically, they are a big boy company, not just a guy with a dinky website selling batteries and cartridges out of their basement. And that’s the difference.

But V2 is just one example of a great brand. Since e cigarettes have taken off, there are a whole slew of great brands to do everything right and really help people quit smoking forever. V2 is impressive but it’s all about what you specifically want for your e cig experience. A few brands that continue to impress are Smokeless image, SmokeStik, Bull Smoke, Halo, and Apollo. We will have reviews coming soon for all of these brands, so hang on tight!

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Bbc news — cigarette packet branding to face consultation

Packets will be a dark olive green, after the public was asked what the least attractive colour was.

Research published in Australia has suggested that cigarette packets have increasingly become an important marketing tool as restrictions on advertising and sponsorship have been brought in.

Mr Lansley told the Times he was open minded, but that he believed attractive packaging helped recruit smokers from a young age.

More than 300,000 children aged under 16 in England try smoking each year, according to government figures.

The consultation will also examine if plain packaging could lead to a rise in cigarette packets being sold on the black market.

Mr Lansley said the tobacco companies used certain colours to trigger memories and their brands constituted a type of advertising.

«We don’t want to work in partnership with the tobacco companies because we are trying to arrive at a point where they have no business in this country,» he added.

Counterfeiting ‘risk’

The consultation document is expected to suggest that branded tobacco packets create «smoker identity», with certain brands seen as «cool» and «popular», the paper reported.

It is also expected to say that tobacco firms use colours and logos to boost their profits.

The Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association said it «welcomed» the consultation.

But Jane Chisholm Caunt, secretary general of the TMA, said «There is no reliable evidence plain packaging will reduce rates of youth smoking.

«Smoking initiation in children is actually linked to a complex range of socio economic factors including home life, peer pressure and truancy and exclusion from school.»

And she warned plain packaging would only serve to make counterfeiting cigarettes easier.

Simon Clark, director of the smokers’ group Forest which runs the «Hands Off Our Packs» campaign, added «The consultation on plain packaging threatens to be a farce.

«Andrew Lansley says he is open minded yet he clearly supports plain packaging even before the consultation has begun.»

Smoking rates have fallen significantly since the link with cancer was established beyond doubt in the 1950s.

But it recent years the decline has slowed with the number of adult smokers hovering above the 21% for some time.

Ministers have promised to reduce this to 18.5% by 2015.