Best electronic cigarette brands 2014 — expert reviews

Miniature e Cigarette or ‘Cig a Like’ Models

eGo Style

Mods and APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers)

Mechanical Mods

There are a few different aspects of batteries that are variable beyond just their size. They are

1. mAH This stands for milli ampere hours and it’s a measure of how much energy can be held in your battery overall. So basically, the higher the mAH, the longer that battery will hold a charge. eGo batteries typically range from 600 to 1300 mAH, while miniature «cig a like» brands are a little lower.

2. Automatic vs Manual This used to be a big debate in the e cig community around 2012, however since then manual batteries have become the more popular choice. The difference is just as it sounds, the automatic batteries will start to vaporize right when you start inhaling on the device. The manual batteries require that you push a button while inhaling. It’s common knowledge that manual batteries can hold a charge longer, are safer, and create more vapor than the automatic ones. You’ll still find automatic batteries around but we certainly recommend manual.

3. Voltage Whereas mAH is the measure of how much energy a battery can retain, voltage is how much it can put out. So the higher the voltage, the hotter the atomizer is going to get, resulting in some very big, very hot vapor. The industry standard used to be 3.7 volts for the «cig a like» batteries, but things have gotten much crazier since then. Most eGo batteries are now «variable voltage» which means you can adjust the range of power you want the battery to output when you press the button. They typically start a 3.0 volts and top out at just below 5 volts, allowing the vaper to try and find the setting that they like best.

When it comes down to it, it’s a personal preference thing. I don’t like to draw a lot of attention to myself, therefore I wouldn’t go around whipping out something like this thing at a party. I personally like to have an mid size battery like the eGo around for when I’m working or sitting around, but for driving or working around the house, I love to have a «cig a like» in my mouth. I used to love working in the yard with a real cigarette loosely hanging out of my mouth, and I can have that again with a miniature e cigarette.

Brands Whose Kits Have Great Batteries

Halo The Triton Tank System is a beautiful thing. The battery is short and squat, but it packs a punch.

V2 Cigs They recently released an improved battery, also with the «EX» line. It is still the shape of a real cigarette but it has much more power

Apollo Once again, their eGo starter kits are a great option, this time because of the eGo batteries included.

From Set Up to MaintenanceE Cig Set Up

Now that we’ve gotten the basic setup of these devices out of the way, we can talk about how to use them and keep them running smoothly. And truth be told, it’s really not all that hard. So let’s get started.

So your shiny new starter kit just arrived in the mail. You peeked inside and saw a scene that was a bit more complicated than you imagined. But don’t worry, it’s just all of the accessories that come with the kit most likely. The only things you really have to worry about are the three components we covered above.

Charging the Batteries The first thing you should do is take out the battery(s) and start charging them immediately. Hold off on setting up your e cig until it’s fully charged, this will cause it to work better and have a longer lifespan.

Putting the Pieces Together The next step depends what type of kit you purchased. If you purchased a kit with prefilled cartridges, than all you have to do once the battery is charged is screw one of the cartridges onto the end of the battery and you’re ready to puff away. If you bought a kit with a refillable tank, you’ll need to fill it first before you attach it to the battery.

Filling the Cartomizer Start by taking the top off of the cartomizer, then hold the whole thing at a 45 degree angle. When you go to start dripping the juice, aim for the sides of the opening, you dont’ want any liquid to go into the air hole that sits in the center. If that happens, you’ll be getting e liquid in your mouth for the next 2 minutes, and that’s the worst feeling ever. Once it’s filled up, just put the tip back on and you are good to go. Have a napkin on hand because this process can get messy.

Miscellaneous Preparation If your kit didn’t come with any sort of case, you may want to find something to hold your e cigarette. Otherwise it ends up rolling around in your pockets when you’re not using it. If your kit came with a «Personal Charging Case» than you should also charge that fully once your battery is done.

E Cigarette Maintenance and Continued Use

Electronic smoking is not like being a traditional smoker, you don’t simply finish up a tank of e liquid and toss the whole thing away (unless you buy disposables, which you shouldn’t be doing). Also, it’s important to keep things clean so that the moving parts aren’t interrupted by dirt or loose e liquid. Here’s some tips on making the most and saving the most during your e cigarette experience.

Watch the E Liquid Levels If you use a refillable tank, than make sure to monitor how much is left. Try not to let the levels get below 1/4 because that can end up ruining the atomizer, meaning you have to buy a whole new cartridge. So just like you don’t keep driving on empty, don’t keep puffing on low e liquid either!

Clean Stuff You’ll want to take the time to clean off the end of both the battery and cartomizer so that the connection between the two remains strong. When there’s gunk in there, it interferes with the voltage.

Expect That You’ll Have to Replace Things Over time, every aspect of an e cigarette wears down. The e liquid, obviously, gets vaporized. The wicks and atomizers in the cartridges get worn down from the extreme heat. The batteries eventually lose their power and ability to hold a charge. But all told. you’ll still be saving a significant amount over regular cigarettes.

Shopping For the Best Electronic Cigarette

Shopping for electronic cigarettes can be a bit frustrating. We’ve seen some «review» sites out there that dont’ even sound like they have tried the product or even ever been a cigarette smoker in their life. But we’re different. We’ve been there. Our entire goal is to help you quit smoking tobacco and so our analysis of the e cigarette brands out there is going to be based on that and nothing more.

With that said, it’s time to help you figure out which brand suits your interest. We’ll go through a list of different types of smokers and suggest the e cigarette brand that suits their style. Please check it out and figure out which brand will help you quit smoking!

Smoking on the Run

If you are constantly on the go and have no time to stand around for a smoke break, you are definitely a smoker on the run. You love to puff while you drive and take long drags as you stroll down the street.

We Recommend V2 Cigs

Their new EX line of batteries offers the power of larger ones without the bulkiness. You’ll have no problems with it getting in your way, plus their EX cartridges are fantastic. Check out their line of EX starter kits right here!

Big Puffs Every Time

If you’re the type of person to light a cigarette and then immediately take a 10 second drag, you like the feeling of your lungs being filled with smoke. Well, you can still achieve that, only with much less harmful vapor. Many vapers favorite aspect of vaping is the «throat hit» or the feeling of the vapor hitting your throat and lungs, signifying that nicotine is entering your bloodstream. Yes, it sounds a little bit like a drug addicts thinking but that’s essentially what smokers are. Regardless, if
you like big clouds of vapor and powerful throat hits, we have the brand for you.

We Recommend Halo E Cigs

Their Triton Tank Starter Kit comes with two batteries that will provide you with the vapor production you’re looking for. If you want big clouds, than go Halo all the way. Check out their site.

The Conoisseur

You are the person known to talk about the differences in taste between various tobacco brands, even though everyone pretty much felt they all tasted the same. You like things that taste good, which means you’re going to fall in love with e cigarettes.

We Recommend Vapor Zone

Vapor Zone has a ton of flavors, plus they allow you to combine them into custom orders. You’ll never run out of flavors to try.

Our Stance on Electronic Cigarettes

Many of us who have successfully quit, have done so with the help of electronic cigarettes. Many of us have tried other methods to quit smoking, such as the patch, nicotine gum, or even cold turkey. Those attempts generally ended in relapse.

Finally, a product was introduced that revolutionized smoking cessation the e cigarette. Non smokers don t realize that the allure of smoking isn t just the nicotine, but also the ritual. Smokers enjoy the actions of holding up a cigarette to their lips and taking a drag of smoke. Although you don t have to fumble with a lighter, e cigs give the vaper almost the same experience as tobacco cigarettes. Although personally we feel that vaping is much more sophisticated that smoking. After all, discovering fire is a little primitive.

E Cigarettes are a Miracle in Harm Reduction

At the very least, electronic cigarettes help to reduce harm. The vapor that e cigarettes produce is much safer than tobacco smoke, which contains more toxins than you would imagine. Unlike secondhand cigarette smoke, secondhand e cig vapor is rather harmless. It may contain a small trace of nicotine, but nothing to worry about. In fact, recent studies have shown that nicotine isn t any more addicting or harmful than caffeine. It s the other chemicals contained in tobacco smoke that is harmful.

At Quit Smoking Community, we believe that electronic cigarettes are currently the most effective way to quit smoking. We say this from our own personal experiences as well as the countless success stories that we have heard from all over the globe.

The Truth About E Cigs

We feel that there are a lot of misconceptions about e cigarettes. In fact, a lot of the stigma on smoking has been unfairly passed onto vaping. It is time to think of vaping as the opposite of smoking. Vaping is the future, and it will bring smoking to an end.

When first trying to make the switch from smoking to vaping, it can become overwhelming. There are so many brands out there. How do you know which one is the best? In our efforts to help those navigate the world of vaping, we personal review some of the brands that we recommend. Check them out and you will find an e cigarette that is right for you. If you have any questions, just remember that the Quit Smoking Community is here to help. Don t hesitate to ask questions on the forum.

Today is the first day of your healthier lifestyle!

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