Best electronic cigarettes: a guide to disposables, rechargeables, and mods

The Sentinel from Grand Vapor is the epitome of a mod, and a current favorite among vaping enthusiasts. (Especially if you like shiny objects.) The Sentinel features machined aluminum and brass components that make this mod stand out from the crowd. And the entire device is telescopic, making it possible to use a range of battery sizes, from small 18350 batteries to 18650 monsters. It also features silver coated pins for maximum battery connectivity, and an adjustable bottom button to fine tune your vape. And yes, you will have to get your own tank/clearomizer, batteries, and e juice before you’re ready to roll with this looker but by the time you get to this level, you should already have all that in your stash.

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So, which one is the «best» e cigarette? The one that works, and that you enjoy using, whether it’s a disposable or heavy duty mod. If possible, test out a few different models and see which one fits with your lifestyle, and what you’re looking to get out of vaping. The one you like best is best.

Also, note that the kits and prices listed above are mainly for your convenience. If you re looking for the best deal, check out FastTech, which is easily the least expensive vendor out there, but has long shipping wait times due to China based suppliers. As for e juice, Mt. Baker Vapor is a favorite among e cig aficionados due to its high quality product, low prices, and wide range of flavors. (Pro tip Try the Ecto Cooler, it s a slam dunk.)

Images via librakv/Piotr Marcinski/nito/Shutterstock/Giuliano Correia

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