Best online brand of e-cigarettes in india?

Benson smoking for a looong time.. it would definitely be difficult to decrease let alone quit without the withdrawl symptoms. Patches and gums do wonders for short term smokers.. long term theres not much a doc can do except tell u its extremely bad considering we come across cases of oral cancers almost daily and believe me things dont look pretty. So a personal advice to all members. If your a chronic smoker try reducing slowly. Newbies.. stay away as far as you can from cigarettes espc gold flakes and cheap ones. They are mostly fake and increase the chances of u gettin cancer multifold. I hope you guys will heed my advice..
FIfth id. Bro. If ur body doesnt need it dont do it..

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Camel cigarette brand was introduced in United States by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in 1913. Once a best seller, today Camel is one of the legendary and most popular tobacco brands in the world, selling in more than 100 countries across the globe.

Camel was the first industrially packed cigarette brand in the US, as in the 1910s smokers used to roll their own smokes. The initial tobacco formula of Camel cigarettes was comprised of exclusive sorts of Turkish and Oriental tobacco, processed in a special way, which made cigarettes way less harsh than other products which were selling on the market then. Shortly after its introduction, Camel became America’s top selling cigarette, as smokers fell in love with premium quality, original taste of Camel cigarettes and their smooth flavor.

It is interesting that the mascot of Camel brand, Joe the Camel, was once more popular than iconic Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny cartoons. Everyone loved this cool guy and it was the golden era for Camel brand.

The reputation and quality of Camel cigarette brand is flawless. But still, its manufacturers do their best to extend the brand family and provide adult smokers with innovative products, such as Camel Crush and Camel Snus. In addition, the filter system used in Camel cigarettes was modified to the most advanced and efficient one, yet, the quality and inimitable flavor of finest tobaccos remains unchangeable for almost 100 years.

Camel is one of just several cigarette brands offered in premium segment, which is constantly growing in the international tobacco market. And this is not surprising, since more and more adult smokers from various corners of the world become loyal to this amazing tobacco product.

In our tax free cigarette store Camel cigarette brand is available in three classic versions styles Camel Filters, Camel Blue and Camel Silver. We are confident that any adult smokers will find its perfect Camel cigarette at a discount price here.

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