Bill would set age limit for buying e-cigarettes in nebraska – news

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Tattoos, piercings and cigarettes

When can I get a tattoo?

You have to be 18 to lawfully get a tattoo. A tattoo studio may ask for proof of age if they think you are under 18.

It is against the law to tattoo a person under 18 years of age. It does not matter if your parent or guardian gives their consent.

When and where can I get body piercing?

If you are under 18 the following types of body piercings are against the law

  • a girl’s external genitalia
  • a boy’s penis or scrotal skin
  • the nipples.

There is no law against other types of body piercing.

If you are under 18 you must be capable of forming a sound and reasoned decision to agree to being pierced. In those circumstances a parent’s consent is not necessary, but in practice many piercing studios require it.

If you are pierced without your agreement that may amount to an assault.

You should think carefully about the consequences of getting a tattoo or piercing.

When can I buy cigarettes?

There is no law which says when you can smoke cigarettes but it is against the law to pretend that you are 18 or older so you can buy cigarettes.

People selling cigarettes can ask you to show them identification that confirms you are 18 or older and can refuse to give you cigarettes if you cannot produce proof of your age. Acceptable ID is a driver s licence, proof of age card (like an 18 card) or passport. It must show a photo of you and your date of birth.

It is against the law for someone to sell, give or supply tobacco to anyone under 18. This does not apply if the person giving the child tobacco is a parent or other responsible person (like a step parent or guardian).

If a police officer or other person authorised by law (like a local government worker) thinks that you have just been supplied with cigarettes, they can ask you for proof of your age and your name and address. You can ask them to show their identification to you and explain what power they are relying on to ask you those questions. If they find out that you got the cigarettes illegally, they can take them from you and they do not have to give them back to you.