Bond Cigarettes – a long way of evolution

bond_classicAre there any individuals among smokers, who do not know the name of one of the greatest producers of cigarette production – Philip Morris International?

Perhaps, this company is known by everyone. It is a legendary company famous for various highly qualitative products. But, we can say that everything began with Bond cigarettes, and it is without exaggeration, their great history as a tobacco shop on Bond Street in 1902, whose owner was Philip Morris, Belgian King Albert granted the title of Royal seller of tobacco products.

Since that time Bond cigarettes have come a long way of evolution and efforts to penetrate the market, but what remains forever – is an excellent quality! Evolution always dictates the rules in progress, what should be changed or added. Smoking should undergo such a phenomenon in order to create the best and perfect product which will satisfy everyone.

Bond Street is an international (non-US) cigarette brand sold in more than 50 countries around the world, produced by Philip Morris International, now it is a part ALTRIA group.

Bond Cigarettes are usually always sold at an affordable price. Any Bond cigarettes continue to be a high-quality product, so as “Philip Morris” is distinguished by its noble and high-quality of elements of standards. The formula of Bond cigarettes has received numerous awards in the field of research industry.

Bond is a versatile brand of cigarettes, which are sold in all continents of the globe. The full version was introduced in 2006 – “Bond Street Special.”

Initially, Bond cigarettes were sorted in soft or rigid packaging, King Size, or long one.

The original design was changed in the mid-nineties as a result of re-branding. Currently, Bond fans can enjoy new types combined with a high quality, proven for decades.

For the manufacturing process of Bond Street cigarettes there is used only a high quality selected tobacco. A wonderful taste of cigarettes is achieved through the unique way of processing and the secret recipe of the tobacco mixture, which have received numerous awards.

There was initiated the wholesale of cigarettes “Bond Street Special” in 2006. In fact, Bond Street product is universal – it is this fact that explains its worldwide success. Smokers everywhere can always experience the best features of the product and describe their sensations immediately. Is it not the best advertising?