Bond Cigarettes are created to satisfy each smoker worldwide

bond_classicThe Bond Street cigarettes are a kind of worldwide high-reputation cigarettes. It is not manufactured by a US producer; its producer is the famous company Philip Morris International. These cigarettes – Bond cigarettes are being distributed in over 50 countries of the entire world.

This brand history has been lasting since a long time. The history goes back to that time when the manufacturing company was founded by Mr. Philip Morris, the owner of a boutique in London in 1902. The boutique was located in Bond Street, which was originally titled as the «Old Bond Street». This brand could win an extreme popularity in each of European countries and a great number of true clients, giving their preferences to the Bond Cigarettes.

One of such true clients was the Belgian King Albert who was so much captured by that cigarette flavor that the distributor was granted with a title of the “Royal Tobacconist”. Within a short time after that, this brand’s distribution was expanded worldwide and conquered new markets with a great success. At that time, the trademark was named as «Old Bond Street». It was later modified to the «Bond Street». The modification happened within the mid 90es. But the re-branding had no negative effect on promotion of Bond cigarettes in different tobacco markets. Since 2006, a new top brand, which trademark is named as «Bond Street Special» is successfully marketed. Well, each experienced smoker knows that these extraordinary cigarettes are now preferred in- and outside the UK. It is not amazing as these cigarettes are marvelous.

Currently, Bond cigarettes are distributed in many scent varieties, such as Filter in Red, Lights in Blue, Super Lights in White. Except for the above-mentioned ones, there is a plenty of this trademark’s tastes, which are promoted in global tobacco markets. They are sub-classified under sub-brands «Bond Street Special», Rich (filtered version), Mild (light cigarettes) and Fine (super light cigarettes). Smokers are aware that even such great cigarettes as the Bond cigarettes can be dangerous for their health! But their market is not reduced in any way! The number of consumers is growing worldwide and goes on constantly growing as the manufacturing company still develops new subclasses, which are directed towards various tastes of smokers, buying these cigarettes!

The sales volume is continuously growing in more than 50 countries, among which the USA, Latin American and European states can be mentioned. These cigarettes are not expensive, budgetable and client-friendly for all customers, no matter what income and social status they have!