Bond cigarettes – based on strong tobacco

Bond cigarettesThe international cigarette brand of Bond Street cigarettes is known since 1902. Philip Morris, the founder of the company Philip Morris International, was the owner of the shop in Bond Street in London. In 1902, King Albert, who was one of the fans of this company’s products, granted him the title of Royal shop tobacconist. From this time, (the first name of the brand was «Old Bond Street»), these cigarettes passed a long way of development, conquering new markets.

The brand name of “Bond” cigarettes is associated with the world-famous agent 007 James Bond. This character appeared about 50 years ago. Perhaps Ian Fleming, the creator of the novel about the superspy who was named as Bond.

Being a popular brand in the middle of the last century, this British brand was bought by the Americans; they supplemented it with several kinds. Since then, the “Bond” cigarettes are considered to be originated from the United States.

If a person uses this cigarette brand it means that this smoking person has a high position in society. A habit to consume these cigarettes is a proper sign.

The hit list of preferred tobacco products includes “Bond” cigarettes as well. These cigarettes are based on strong tobacco, which is liked by courageous, strong and brave men.

Women are choosing lighter versions of Bond cigarettes.

Initially, Bond was listed in the mid-price category of cigarettes and was quite in demand at the beginning of the century. In 1990ies, the cigarette packing had been changed. It had become more solid and firm, and since 2006 the manufacturer launched the release of Bond Street Special. This type of cigarettes attribute to the premium class.

One of popular sub-brands is Bond Street. The manufacturer attracts purchasers with the tobacco quality, unique taste. It is believed that brands like “Bonds” do not need any advertising.

Worldwide, there are 3 versions of these cigarettes:

1. Red Filter.

2. Blue Lights.

3. White Super Lights.

The Bond Street special version covers the versions:

1. Rich (strong cigarettes).

2. Mild.

3. Fine (super-light).

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