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    JCM Jan Karel Konings MRE Title Int. Brand Manager Become an Ambassador of KOONN Claim your city Demographic info Antwerp Area, Belgium Internet Current Stategic Brand Manager at KOONN Int. Past Strategic consultant / Procesmanager /Developer at City of Venlo, Senior Real Estate Developer /Acquisitions at Kristal Projectontwikkeling NV, Ontwikkelingsmanager at Kristal nv, Sen&#x131 or Adv&#x131 sor at Twynstra Gudde, Director city development at City of Antwerp, Director / founder at Orangerie / St. Josephkerk exploitatie BV Education University of Munich, UNIVERSITY OF ANTWERP, Universiteit Antwerpen, HAS Den Bosch, University of Antwerp Summary KOONN CONCEPT UNIQUE Convinced of the power of image. In our highly visually literate society the KOONN Design team is committed to making meaningful and distinctive products in which the human dimension is visible. &#x201c Form is content.&#x201d During this time, the shape is the determining factor in communication. Besides KOONN Design is going for maximum flexibility. A product is durable if it can get loved, if it is flexible to use or getting new features through the years. Flexibility is the motto. Because a product derives its existence from the users. Designing is a search for the synergy of beauty, usability, and durability. But where it is always all about the users. A design is only successful if users are to be happy. And users change over time. A KOONN product has many uses in addition to the interior or exterior, including the ability to easily create 4 different heights.

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    Robert Firestone Title Global Team Manager with FlexKom America Demographic info Greater Chicago Area Computer Software Current FlexKom Brand Manager at FlexKom USA, President,Owner at Systems Development Enterprises Past Consultant at Independent Consultant, Recruiter,Manager,Consultant at SEI, Systems Analyst at Sears Roebuck & Co. Education Illinois Institute of Technology, Illinois Institute of Technology, Lane Technical High School Summary 47 years of experience in Data Processing and 6 years of experience in online (Web based) marketing

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    Chris Perry Title Senior Brand Manager, e Commerce & Digital Marketing at Reckitt Benckiser &#x25ba Brand & Marketing Generator Demographic info Greater New York City Area Consumer Goods Current Senior Brand Manager, e Commerce & Digital Marketing at Reckitt Benckiser, Personal Branding Expert at Chris Perry Brand & Marketing Generator, Founder at Career Rocketeer, Founder at MBA Highway Past Brand Manager, e Commerce & Digital Marketing at Reckitt Benckiser, Associate Brand Manager, RID X&#xae at Reckitt Benckiser, Assistant Brand Manager, Lysol&#xae at Reckitt Benckiser, Graduate Marketing Assistant at W&M MBA Career Services, MBA Product Marketing Intern at Eastman Kodak Company, Marketing Project Coordinator at VAMAC, Inc. Education The College of William and Mary The Mason School of Business, The College of William and Mary Summary My name is Chris Perry, MBA, and I am the Brand & Marketing GENERATOR which means that I &#x25cf bring endless energy and contagious passion to my work &#x25cf instill team motivation as both strategic leader and tactical contributor &#x25cf catalyze creative ideas and solutions &#x25cf deliver immediate, lasting results in evolving spaces Specifically, my expertise and passion lie in brand marketing, digital marketing, e Commerce, online retailing, social media and personal branding. &#x25ba THE GENERATOR AT WORK I currently work as Senior Brand Manager, e Commerce & Digital Marketing at Reckitt Benckiser, leading the e Commerce, online retailing and digital shopper marketing strategy development and execution for all brands at all key online retailers. &#x25ba THE GENERATOR AFTER HOURS I also fulfill my passion for branding and marketing as an entrepreneur, personal branding expert, social media strategist, blogger, speaker and brand consultant. I’m the founder of Career Rocketeer&#x2122 , MBA Highway&#x2122 and other ventures. I have been featured as a thought leader in multiple publications and media outlets, such as The Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney, ABCNews, CNNMoney and more. As a professional speaker, I have presented at Rutgers University, NJIT, VCU and many other venues. &#x25ba DO YOU HAVE A GENERATOR? It’s never too late to power up your organization! CONTACT ME &#x2709 Email careerrocketeer &#x2706 Mobile 804.304.9223 SPECIALTIES &#x25cf CPG Brand Management & Product Marketing &#x25cf Marketing Strategy & Plan Development, Execution & Post Analysis &#x25cf Online Retailing, e Commerce & Multi Channel Commerce Development &#x25cf Media, Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy Planning & Execution &#x25cf Trade / Shopper Marketing Strategy & Execution &#x25cf New Product Development & Brand Innovation &#x25cf Market Research Coordination & Consumer Shopper Insight Development &#x25cf P&L / Budget Management &#x25cf Project & Program Management &#x25cf Creative Direction & Development &#x25cf Cross Functional Team Leadership & Agency Management

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    Jane Robinson Title Paramount Digital Publishing, LLC Demographic info Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area Publishing Current Brand Manager at Paramount Digital Publishing, LLC Past Marketing Coordinator at G&A Publishing Education University of Missouri Kansas City Summary Hi! I am the assistant to Glenn Dietzel. Glenn is a master of creating and scaling businesses and business coaching programs. The majority of our clients are speakers and authors that have a message to share with the world. We specialize in leveraging the Internet to spread your message beyond the book and beyond the stages you speak on. The Internet is not an easy channel to truly infiltrate if you’ve never done it before. You can do it the hard way or you can skip the learning curve and the get on the fast track by following our proven blueprint. Our specialty is not book publishing. We focus on the business beyond the book. A book is great for credibility and lead generation but where is the profit? The profit is in back end programs. We help you build your own $5,000 $50,000 coaching and mentoring programs. This can easily bring in 7 8 Figures per year in easy passive income. Our Goal is to help you scale your business to 8 figures. To get more information on how to create your own high end programs, go to Private one on one strategy sessions only available upon request. Please check out what Glenn’s current clients have to say

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    Michelle Esposito Title Brand Manager at PepsiCo Demographic info Thailand Food & Beverages Current Brand Manager at PepsiCo Past Marketing Manager at Nabisco Education Hunter College, NYU Stern School of Business
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