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definitely 5 star rating no doubt. they taste good, have a strong yet enjoyable taste, give a good satisfaction buzz and are around the same price as most cigarettes. the only thing i hate about them is how the filter is bigger than the kingsize length ones, so therefore you aren’t really getting much of an extra smoke. i would recommend getting the kingsize, or just cutting away a little bit of the filter or do what i prefer, pull the filter out with your teeth and smoke it unfiltered. great smoke for people who crave a great taste, and an overall nice full flavor smoke. if you are a chain smoker i would recommend Marlboro Black, they come in full flavor (red stripe) and menthol (green stripe), they have a higher tar content than Reds so that means burns slower and longer. plus Marlboro Blacks are a special blend of 27s and Reds so you still get somewhat of the flavor. the bottom line is a cigarette is a cigarette, you will still get the same tobacco taste from any Marlboro pack you buy. if its strength you are going for, try reds, they are classics. if you like slow burning cigs try Marlboro Blacks.

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