Buy cheap cigarettes online – the countries of expensive cigarettes

Rare travelers, returning from a faraway country, will be deterred not to bring cigarettes from there, if they are cheaper there than in their country of residence. It so happened that because of the big difference in price, cigarette products travel around the world no less than people. Although, it is much more profitable to buy cheap cigarettes online.

Let’s take a look at a fresh map of “cigarette prices” in European countries that was made up by an advisory committee of Irish tobacco manufacturers.

Top 3 most expensive countries in Europe at prices per pack of cigarettes:
1. Norway
2. Great Britain
3. Ireland

The cigarettes cheaper than in the Czech Republic can be bought only in two EU countries: Lithuania and Bulgaria. On average, one pack of cigarettes costs less in the Czech Republic. In Norway, smoking can be considered a luxury. Such a price range depends on the amount of the excise tax. Therefore, it is much more profitable to buy cheap cigarettes online.

A bigger sum than in the Czech Republic, smokers will have to pay in neighboring Slovakia, Estonia and Romania. In the Czech Republic there is one of the lowest cost of excise duty on tobacco products. That’s why it’s much more profitable to buy cheap cigarettes online.

In recent years, the cost of cigarettes in the Czech Republic has increased significantly. The most inexpensive cigarettes in Europe can be bought in Bulgaria and in Lithuania. You will have to pay in Norway, the UK and Ireland. In France, smokers will pay a significant sum, in Germany – as well. In fairness, it is worth noting that in many European countries wages are significantly higher than in the Czech Republic.

Не проще ли потребителям buy cheap cigarettes online? Last year, 3.1% of the Czech tobacco market was the share of “black cigarettes” or otherwise – illegally imported products. Most illegal cigarettes are smoked in Lithuania, Latvia (a third of the total) and in Greece (the fifth part). Despite the fact that there are few illegal cigarettes in the Czech Republic, the loss of the economy from smuggling of tobacco products for the year was quite big.
Is not it easier for consumers to buy cheap cigarettes online?

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