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Cheap cigarettes — yahoo voices —

In many states in the good ole’ USA cigarette prices have soared. Ironically, the very crop, (tobacco) that began to make America the wealthiest nation on the planet 200 years ago is now unaffordable to many smokers. If you are a smoker you can go broke as quick as the flick of your Bic.

To avoid outrageous cigarette prices You may either quit , travel to a nearby state that charges less , go to your local Indian Reservation , or buy cigarettes online.

I am an advocate for quitting, and of course this is the best alternative.

Traveling to nearby states that charge less works only if you really are nearby a state that sells cheap cigarettes.

The same applies for traveling to your «local» Indian works only if the Indian reservation is truly local. Otherwise you may blow much of your cigarette money «savings» on gasoline and other travel expenses, not to mention your valuable time.

Buying smokes online is a state tax crime. In New Jersey, where I reside I know of several cases where the State Government prosecuted smokers who ordered online. These poor souls had to shell out big time dollars in taxes, fees and fines with no monthly payment plan !

The best and least expensive way to smoke cheap is to make your own cigarettes. Making your own will save you a fortune.

There are two basic methods to make cigatettes. The basic roll your own tobacco in cigarette paper mehtod, and the cigarette tube injector method.

The roll your own cigarette method requires obtaining loose cigarette tobacco and a hand held cigarette rolling machine. Loose cigarette tobacco is readily available in a variety of sized cannisters and bags. Loose tobacco falls into a much lower tax code bracket than regular pre made cigarettes, thus big savings. Loose cigarette tobacoo is readily available at tobacco shops, corner candy stores, supermarkets and drugstores.

The hand held rolling machine is only a few dollars and will last for months. Your product will be a nicely rolled unfiltered method is the cheapest of all. However smoking rolled unfiltered cigarettes can be brutal on the lungs.

The pre made cigarette tube injector method is better, because you make filtered good tasting cigarettes akin to what you have been paying through the nose for at your local store. Again with this method you will need to buy loose cigarette tobacco, (yes menthol is available).

Next you will need a cigarette tube injector machine. These machines are available onlie or in stores. There are variety of models. The basic ones are easy to obtain and are simple mechanisms as well as inexpensive and long lasting and should suffice for most smokers. Others are more sophistcated so as to make the injecting process a bit faster and easier.

The last item you will need are cigarette tubes in which the loose tobacco is injected. They come in king size, light, menthol, and 100’s. Simply fill the injector machine with tobacco, tamp it down slightly, apply the tube to the machine and inject. The product is a perfect cigarette.

The whole process of making filtered cigarettes with tobacco, tubes and a simple cheap injector machine is extremely easy. I make a pack of 20 in about 20 minutes. It’s time well spent. the great deal of cash I’m saving .

Remember, rolling machines, tubes, and papers are available online and at your local tobacco, drug, or corner candy store. The loose tobacco is only legally available in person at a store, not online.

One last issue that should be mentioned is that many smokers are loyal to their overpriced pre made brand. This will cost you big time. Try the variety of loose tobaccos out there for are very good tasting and have no extra chemicals or accelerants in them. I adapted to several brands in no time. Your wallet will thank you.