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From the old days when cowboys would be on the plains and decide to roll up a cigarette with fresh tobacco, you can now do the same thing at home should you choose to. However, instead of driving to the tobacco store you can buy cigarette tobacco online and get it freshly delivered to your home as easily as you would a dozen roses. We are an online tobacco vendor with cigarettes and cigarette product readily available for you to purchase and use at your discretion. We have all the major brands both foreign and domestic available for you and can have them on your door step in no time at all.

Simply log onto our site and select the product you would like to buy. Whether you would like to buy cigarette tobacco, or regular cigarettes, you can do so very easily. Select your method of payment and your location, and your purchase will be quickly sent out and delivered straight to your door. We are a safe to do business with and your information will never be given or divulged to anyone else. If you enjoy the flavor of a hand rolled cigarette but don’t like traveling all over for that fresh tobacco, now you can buy cigarette tobacco from us and get it cheaply and easily.

Normally fresh tobacco can be quite expensive, but through us you can purchase your smoking needs without spending all of your money, and wasting time driving around for the best tobacco prices. We can get you all that you need quickly and easily.

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HB cigarettes are produced in Germany, Yugoslavia, Holland, short 70 mm, king size 85 mm or long 100 mm, soft or hard pack or wide flat hard box, 5, 10, 19, 20 or 25 cigarettes in a pack. The prestigious House of Bergman manufactures these smokes. The brand assimilates fine American blends, and local whole leaf tobacco to produce a set of premium quality smokes. The vast assortment includes 907 medium American blend , Haus Bergmann crown filter and full flavor, German versions of kings, classics and filters, lights, Kronen filter, limited editions of collectors edition packs that feature different images, rolls full flavor and a special American blend . 1 HB Red Box cigarettes made in EU, 6 cartons,60 packs. Only 43.16 GBP per carton! f 271.95 10% off for bank wire or debit card paid orders. HB Blue cigarettes from Spain. f 0.00 SOLD OUT !!! 1

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