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Marlboro cigarettes have become the most popular cigarette brand world wide and have stayed that way for majority of years that have followed. By 1992, Financial World ranked Marlboro the world’s No. 1 most valuable brand, with a market worth of $32 billion. Currently, Marlboro’s maker Philip Morris’ tobacco brands are available in 180 markets, have a 38% market share in the US, are the top selling cigarettes in the world, and the tenth most valuable product brands. Till date there is no other brand which has even come close to Marlboro in terms of taste, fame, and market share. Marlboro, I not a single cigarette type, the brand has introduced numerous variants with varying flavor, strength, type, and length. Marlboro is not only famous among smokers, this brand is known even to non smokers.

How much does a carton of Marlboro cost? Well, a carton of Marlboro costs different in different countries of course. In the United States, prices can vary from $30 $70 for brand name cigarettes (like Marlboro, Camel, and other brand names). In Canada, a carton of cigarettes can cost from $70 $90 dollars. In native reserves, non brand name cigarettes can sell for less than $20 dollars a carton. In England you get a pack for 5.72. Well expensive. When you go to Italy, a 20 deck of Marlboro cigarettes is 4.30 euros. Online is cheaper, you can buy 1 carton for$15.99 $17.99. The above figures clearly show that you’ll have to spend more if you are buying Marlboro cigarettes from the local stores. The best place to purchase the best brand in the world is the internet.

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A Philip Morris product, Marlboro cigarette is the bestselling brand in the world. It was for the first time introduced in the year 1847 at the London market but soon moved to USA. These are exceptional cigarettes that have captured the attention of the smokers worldwide. During the early 20th Century Marlboro cigarettes were promoted as lady’s cigarette but when this ad campaign failed, Philip Morris started focusing the promotional campaign to male audience. Marlboro cigarette brand gets its name from the place of its origin. It is named after the street of the first London Marlboro production unit, Great Marlborough Street. The original London location once prided of having the biggest cigarette factory belonging to the Marlboro brand, currently the largest production factory is located in the United States in Richmond, Virginia.

Produced by Philip Morris International, these cigarettes are subjected to constant change and development. In an effort to attract smokers who have different preferences, Marlboro has introduced Marlboro Accent (Ultra Lights), Marlboro Blue Fresh (Menthol), Marlboro Blue Ice (Menthol), Marlboro Extra Flavor, Marlboro Filter (Flavor) Plus, Marlboro Flavor Mix (Medium) and many more. One of the lighter variants which has a good fan following is Marlboro Ultra Lights (Silver). They are very tasty and aromatic, but they differ from the original only in strength. Marlboro Ultra Lights (Silver) are for mild smokers it leaves very little bad taste and is very good for regular smoking.

Marlboro has also been involved in sponsorship, especially motor sports. For example, involvement with the factory World Rally Championship teams of Toyota, notably with Freddy Loix until the end of 1998, Mitsubishi, to whom Loix moved from 1999 until 2001, etc. Marlboro cigarettes are generally accredited as being among the most important of sponsors to the world of Formula 1 and motor racing in general in terms of the amount of financial backing given to various competitors.