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Full color 7 1/2″ x 10 3/4″ ad that gives you another reason to mention the Gas Trap filter that Lark was famous for. The ad has a picture of a man in fishing waders sitting on a stool at the beach with his pole and tackle box next to him. He is talking to a lady in a warm weather wet suit who has tossed her oxygen tank and flippers next to the man’s fishing equipment and pulled her goggles on top of her head. They are both smoking Lark cigarettes and the man has an excited look on his face because, as the headline says, «Tell someone you like about Lark’s Gas Trap filter. She may tell you where they’re biting.» The text assures you that «you won’t have to fish for compliments as far as your taste is concerned» and describes how and why this filter «reduces certain harsh gases in cigarette smoke» nearly twice as much.

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