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American vs european cigarettes [archive] — bluelight

Well after some googling this is what I came up with.

When researchers compared cigarette brands in the U.S. to those in Canada and Australia, they found three times higher levels of the cancer causing substance in the U.S. smokers mouths. The mouth levels are important because they give an indication of what levels if carcinogens are going into the lungs. (Smoking tobacco is a major cause of lung cancer).


I fear was right )

That’s fascinating. I spent a month in Europe with my boyfriend around the beginning of the year, and we noticed that it seemed like everyone was constantly smoking. And we came from a liberal arts school full of smoke stack hipsters. I wondered what that meant for their cancer rate.

I bought a couple packs of cigarettes while we were there, and they were somewhat different from cigarettes I’d smoke in America, but I just chalked it up to the brands (Ducados Rubio and Vogue). The former, which I got in Spain, I didn’t like very much they weren’t mentholated, and they tasted very earthen, which could mean fewer cancerous chemicals. They both had huge health warnings across half the pack the Spanish ones’ health warning said something about impotence (I don’t speak Spanish) and had a picture of a drooping cigarette.

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