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  • Dunhill
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    • Dunhill Fine Cut Menthol
  • Pall Mall
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  • Lucky Strike
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  • Camel
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  • Kent
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    • Kent Nanotek Neo
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  • American Legend
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  • Karelia
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  • Vogue
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  • Viceroy
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  • More
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  • Kool
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  • Gauloises
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  • Silk Cut
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  • Craven A
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    • Craven A Virginia
  • Benson & Hedges
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  • HB
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    • HB
  • Salem
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  • Gitanes
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  • Monte Carlo
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Where can i buy electronic cigarettes? (online & brick and mortar)

You can buy an electronic cigarette in many of your local gas stations, and numerous big chains such as Walgreen’s and Wal Mart in most areas. This is a good way to go out and try out the very basic kind since most of those brands carried in major retailers are rather mediocre.

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Brick and Mortar Locations Like Gas Stations

We have a couple brands we recommend that can be purchased online, and discounts for each, but if you MUST go try one now (we completely understand this sentiment), some of them are decent. Most that you try will be OK, and some are rather good.

Here’s a couple common brands at B&M locations, like gas stations&#8230

Blu Cigs

This is one of the biggest selling brands on the market, perhaps the biggest in the retail space, though things can change quickly in this market.

They have an amazing amount of exposure due to their massive marketing muscle.

As far as quality, they are a decent starter e cig. They are tiny, and the battery and cartridge life reflects that, though the tiny sharp looking product is kind of cool.

So far as taste and vapor, it is very mild, not much of a throat hit, and very subtle flavor. For many people though, these were their entryway into e cigs, and did the job. They are a decent product. If you like lights and milds, you may enjoy Blu, and they are also available for online purchase.

See our full review here


The NJOY does a great job imitating the feel of a real cigarette, and the taste is pretty good. Kind of a neutral flavor, with a subtle sweetness. These are typically very high in nicotine (up to .45 mg, which is HIGH).

The thing with these, which you can verify if you look up reviews on NJOY e cigs (read ours here), is the battery only lasts for a couple hours if you’re vaping pretty regularly, and even less if you are puffing away pretty heavily, and they cost something like $10 each.


Vuse is the best we’ve tried, and of course there are some we haven’t, but we’ve tried Blu, Logic, Fin etc.

The Vuse is a super high quality product, with the packaging (think Apple), the throat hit, and the flavor, which is like a light tobacco with a hint of maple &#8230 we can’t say much bad about it except one thing, and that is the cost of refill cartridges. They are $3 each (whereas typically you’ll pay $2 each at V2, or around $2.50 in numerous other companies).

Refilling your own is a big cost savings here (something to look up later), but to just try out e cigs, check out an NJOY or VUSE, and before you head out, we’d suggest ordering one of the brands below we recommend, unless you find them at a local store, though you most likely will need to drive around to find them.

What we would recommend before you drive around looking or search for a local vape shop is order from one of the top brands online. All of our review team agree that brands such as V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke and Green Smoke are the best of the ones we’ve tried out.

Vape Shops

This is impossible to categorize with a zillion companies out there, but if there is one near you, go check it out! They often specialize in larger devices and e liquids, as opposed to cigalikes, which resemble an actual cigarette in looks, feel and sometimes flavor (the V2 Red does a good job at resembling the real thing).

But if you are just checking these out, and once again, want to try one ASAP, check out one from a gas station, as they will more likely carry Vuse and NJOY, and V2 and South Beach (who we recommend below), are gaining a presence. This is a good way to start, especially if you are looking for the closest thing to a real cigarette.

Then once you find you enjoy vaping, and want to take things to the next level, you just may make the vape shop near you your home away from home There are of course many many online.

The Top Places To Buy E Cigs Online

Here’s our top picks with reviews, the official website of each respective brand

V2 Cigs Read our review here

Purchase direct at

Save 10 15% with our coupon codes for here

Green Smoke Read our review here

Purchase direct at

Save 5 10% with our coupon codes for here

VaporFi Read our review here

Purchase direct at

Save 12% on hardware here

South Beach Smoke Read our review here

Purchase direct at

Save 12% on hardware here

Advanced Personal Vaporizers

If you’re looking for something like an eGo battery or another type of upgraded e cig, then you may be s t out of luck with gas stations and retailers.

We have a recommendation for you VaporZone.

These guys have taken APVs to another level, and they’ve done equally well with their line of customizeable e cig juices.

We highly recommend trying more than one brand. Pick one, buy a starter kit for around $50 $60 with 2 batteries a charger and flavor cartridges and then get a disposable from a couple. It is like debating whether Camel is better than Marlboro&#8230 you just gotta try it and find out which one you like best!