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s about buy discount cheap european cigarettes are completely different from one country to another and tobacco products are shipped to more than a hundred different countries.

According to the international commerce regulations, if you buy buy discount cheap european cigarettes from outside your country import taxes may only be required on the destination country and according to its regulations.

If you do not buy duty free you are paying taxes twice Origin country taxes and destination country taxes. Even if you are requested to pay any tax on your country the final price including your local taxes may be very attractive for you.

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Victory for e-cigs in the european parliament

Lib Dem MEP Phil Bennion has described the recent vote on the ‘Tobacco Products Directive at the Parliament in Strasbourg as ‘a victory for common sense and for personal liberty’.

Parliament was debating whether to classify electronic cigarettes as a medicine and therefore limit their availability. Instead, the Parliament supported the ALDE (Liberal) group amendment stating that e cigs should meet robust consumer product safety standards with restrictions on advertising but not face the extra costs and reduced availability by being sold as medicines. Mr. Bennion said,

This is a victory for common sense and for personal liberty, as well as safeguarding the most effective tool yet developed in the battle to defeat smoking related disease and death.

E cigarettes are popular because they are an enjoyable alternative to smoking tobacco. They are not harmless but are certainly far less dangerous.

Labour s campaign to support pointless restrictions on e cigarettes says everything about their attitude to personal freedom and harm reduction».

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