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How much proof do you really want that electronic cigarettes help people stop smoking????????

Sales in America this year tipped to exceed $2 Billion and in the U.K. They estimate that 1 in every 5 smokers will be using an Electronic Cigarette by the end of 2014.

If you want proof that e cigs work and will in the next few years take over from normal cigarettes as the smokers choice of preference then look no further than the Tobacco Company giants. Four or five of the biggest manufacturers of tobacco cigarettes, such as Marlboro, Pall Mall etc. are now setting themselves up as Electronic Cigarette suppliers and building manufacturing plants. These big players know that electronic cigarette Sydney help people quit smoking and see their rapid increase in popularity as a major threat to their sales.

What more proof do you need that one of these major tobacco companies recently paying $135 million dollars to buy out and take over an electronic cigarette online business? The tobacco industry sees the use of these products as a real threat and that they need to be part of the smoking revolution that is sweeping the world.

So why would you not buy e cigs and give them a fair dinkum go?

Results of Studies Conducted Into Electronic Cigarettes

Recently, an In2town Lifestyle Magazine asked 100 people to try the best electronic cigarette Melbourne and discovered that an electronic version gave the same amount of pleasure as a normal cigarette gave to people who were addicted to smoking. So, switch to Cheap Electronic Cigarettes Australia and enjoy the benefits.

The study discovered the following

  • 46% said that smoking the e cigs made them feel they were smoking a real cigarette
  • 44% said the electronic substitute was giving them the same pleasure as a real cigarette
  • 48% said after smoking the substitute they did not have the urge to smoke another cigarette
  • 42% felt that by smoking the substitute it would help them to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoked in a day and help them to reduce the amount of money they spent on cigarettes.
  • 38% thought the electronic cigarette Brisbane could eventually help them to stop smoking real cigarettes and help them to become healthier.

As many people have experienced, e cigarette Melbourne bring the same pleasure as normal cigarettes but the huge difference is the cost and the health benefits that they bring.

On a more personal level, one of the people in the trial said she found the following as a result of using an Electronic Cigarette Melbourne

  • 1. She feels a lot healthier
  • 2. She no longer wakes up in the morning with a lot of phlegm
  • 3. Her finger tips are no longer stained yellow and the smell of tobacco has dissipated.
  • 4. The electronic substitute do not stain her teeth
  • 5. She is able to smoke the alternatives anywhere including restaurants and airports

E cigarette Brisbane allow you to smoke where normal cigarettes do not allow, including airports, restaurants, shops etc. Buy E Cigarette Sydney online and quit smoking now.

While discussions continue by the regulative authorities in Australia as well as overseas as to whether they help you quit smoking or not the proof for the individual is very simple to find buy e cigs online and try one for yourself if you are committed to quitting smoking then you will stand a great chance that they will work for you.


About Aussie E Cigarettes

Hello my name is Bill. After stumbling across an Electronic Cigarettes online Brisbane nearly 3 years ago that finally helped me quit smoking after 35 years, I decided to help other people do the same thing. After exhaustive testing over a 12 month period of various product options Aussie Electronic Cigarettes was born in September 2010 in Brisbane and now has in excess of 6,000 customers.

I promise to deliver a great quality product I supply the best E Cigarettes Australia wide to areas including Sydney, Melbourne that either beats or compares to any overseas brand or name.

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E-cigarettes targeted for state regulation — news — wicked local — boston, ma

As electronic cigarettes, or e cigarettes, grow in popularity, it is legal in most Massachusetts cities and towns for minors to buy the smoke free products marketed as an alternative to traditional paper cigarettes. Boston is one of about two dozen Massachusetts communities that prohibit store owners from selling the nicotine alternative to minors. But some owners say they assumed those restrictions were nationwide. The Food and Drug Administration has yet to step in and regulate the decade old products that appear to be gaining popularity. The FDA recently said it would issue guidelines later this year. While waiting for the federal government to weigh in, a Boston lawmaker wants the state to make it illegal to sell e cigarettes and other nicotine delivery products to anyone under 18 years old in Massachusetts. Twelve states have passed legislation restricting e cigarette sales in some way, including Colorado and Minnesota. Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez, D Jamaica Plain, said current state laws are «silent» on electronic cigarettes and other products like it, and minors have easy access to them unless cities and towns take action. Sanchez wants statewide regulations, and filed a bill last week to prohibit sales to minors. Sanchez said he was not surprised to hear some store owners thought minors could not buy the nicotine products. «Most people assume that our laws cover that issue,» he said. «That is why we are trying to get at it. How do we make sure we keep nicotine, in any forms, and nicotine delivery, out of the hands of minors?» There have not been any conclusive studies detailing or ruling out potential health risks of e cigarettes, proponents of regulating the products say. There is mixed anecdotal evidence about the effects of vaporizing nicotine, and because there is no federal agency regulating these products yet, there are no tests on the levels of nicotine each brand contains, according to Tami Gouveia, executive director of Tobacco Free Massachusetts. «We don’t know what the public health impacts are,» Gouveia said, adding there are also no consumer protections. The FDA blocked importation of e cigarettes from 2008 to 2010 by ruling they were «unapproved drug/device combination products» under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. However, that decision was overturned by a federal judge on the basis that e cigarettes could be regulated as tobacco products, unless advertised for a therapeutic purpose. Since their emergence in the US market, awareness and use has continually increased, with one in five current smokers using e cigarettes, according to the Committee on Public Health. Some people make the switch from cigarettes to the electronic version in an attempt to quit smoking. More questions remain Nirl Patel, who owns a 7 Eleven on Milk Street in Boston, began selling the nicotine products in his store seven months ago and said he has seen sales jump up quickly. Each month, he sells almost 100 of the small cylindrical devices that are often battery operated. The battery heats the liquid into a vapor that the user inhales. Rather than smoking, it’s dubbed «vaping.»