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Bassem Youssef, the host of a canceled Egyptian satirical program often compared to Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, says he will not try and continue El Bernameg given Egypt’s political and media climate. n

“The environment that we live in is not suitable for the show and I am tired and we are at the end of our tether,” Youssef said during a news conference Monday, Ahram Online reports. “To those who are happy the show stopped I tell them that the stopping of El Bernameg is a victory for us.” n

The third season of the show was originally scheduled to return last Friday following a mandatory hiatus imposed during the country’s presidential election to prevent influencing the vote. The cancelation is the second one for the show, which was dropped from Egyptian satellite channel CBC last October before resuming in February on the Saudi channel MBC Misr. n

Youssef said the team behind his show u2014which drew about 8.3 million viewers in Egypt, according to the polling agency Baseera u2014believes it’s better to call it quits than to carry on the program in another format or another country and risk harming its integrity. n

Authorities accused Youssef in February of insulting the government and the people of Egypt, and prosecutors are reportedly considering 30 complains filed against the host since November. Prior to that, he faced a federal probe under former deposed President Mohammed Morsi over accusations of insulting the president and Islam. n

Ahram Online “,”section” “name” “World”,”slug” “world”,”url” “http / / /world /” ,”tag” “name” “Egypt”,”slug” “egypt”,”url” “http / / /tag /egypt /” ,”tags” “Bassem Youssef Egypt El Bernameg TIME 100″,”id” 2809424,”encoded url” “http%3A%2F% “,”encoded shortlink” “http%3A%2F% “,”encoded title” “Egyptian Satire Show Won%E2%80%99t Be Coming Back%2C Host Says”,”twitter text” “Egyptian%20satire%20show%20won%27t%20be%20returning%20after%20cancelation%2C%20host%20says”,”twitter via” “TIMEWorld”,”email title” “Egyptian%20Satire%20Show%20Won%26%238217%3Bt%20Be%20Coming%20Back%2C%20Host%20Says%20%7C%20TIME”,”email body” “Egyptian%20Satire%20Show%20Won%26%238217%3Bt%20Be%20Coming%20Back%2C%20Host%20Says%0A%0AThe%20host%20of%20the%20popular%20program%2C%20which%20attracted%208.3%20million%20viewers%20in%20Egypt%2C%20says%20he%20will%20let%20the%20program%20go%20rather%20than%20try%20and%20continue%20it%20in%20another%20form%0A%0Ahttp%3A%2F% “,”omniture” “modules” “rr taboola video” , “url” “http / / /2816434 /polling stations open in syrias presidential vote /”,”shortlink” “http / / /1pNSiER”,”title” “Polling Stations Open In Syria’s Presidential Vote”,”post type” “post”,”time article” true,”comments allowed” true,”short title” “Polling Stations Open In Syria’s Presidential Vote”,”excerpt” “Polls are now open in Syria’s presidential election, although government critics have denounced the vote as a sham.”,”format” “article”,”time” “pretty” “1 29 AM ET”,”published” “2014 06 03 01 29 18″,”updated” “2014 06 03 05 29 18″,”minute” “1 29 am”,”short” “1 29 AM ET” ,”authors” “id” 193865,”url” “http / / /author /associated press /”,”name” “Associated Press”,”twitter” “”,”gplus” “”,”email” “”,”thumbnail” null,”bio” “” ,”content” “

DAMASCUS, Syria u2014 Polling stations have opened in government held areas in Syria for the country’s presidential election u2014a vote that President Bashar Assad is widely expected to win. n

Tuesday’s balloting comes amid a devastating, three year civil war that activists say has killed more than 160,000 people. It’s also Syria’s first multi candidate election in more than 50 years. n

The Syrian opposition and government critics have denounced the vote as a sham. n

The election is taking place only in areas under government control. Much of northern and eastern Syria is in rebel hands. n

Assad faces two government approved challengers in the race, Maher Hajjar and Hassan al Nouri, both of whom were little known in Syria before declaring their candidacy for the country’s top post in April. n”,”section” “name” “World”,”slug” “world”,”url” “http / / /world /” ,”tag” “name” “Syria”,”slug” “syria”,”url” “http / / /tag /syria /” ,”tags” “assad Election Syria”,”hero” “class” “landscape”,”thumbnail” “http / / /2014 /06 / “,”src” “small” “http / / /2014 /06 / “,”small 2x” “http / / /2014 /06 / “,”large” “http / / /2014 /06 / “,”large 2x” “http / / /2014 /06 / ” ,”credit” “AP /SANA”,”caption” “In this Saturday, May 31, 2014, photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, supporters of Syrian President Bashar Assad hold his portraits and wave Syrian flags during a demonstration in support of his candidacy for presidential election in the costal city of Tartous, Syria. “,”alt” “Mideast Syria Election 5 Things To Know” ,”id” 2816434,”encoded url” “http%3A%2F% “,”encoded shortlink” “http%3A%2F% “,”encoded title” “Polling Stations Open In Syria%E2%80%99s Presidential Vote”,”twitter text” “Polling%20Stations%20Open%20In%20Syria%27s%20Presidential%20Vote”,”twitter via” “TIMEWorld”,”email title” “Polling%20Stations%20Open%20In%20Syria%26%238217%3Bs%20Presidential%20Vote%20%7C%20TIME”,”email body” “Polling%20Stations%20Open%20In%20Syria%26%238217%3Bs%20Presidential%20Vote%0A%0APolls%20are%20now%20open%20in%20Syria%27s%20presidential%20election%2C%20although%20government%20critics%20have%20denounced%20the%20vote%20as%20a%20sham.%0A%0Ahttp%3A%2F% ” , “url” “http / / /2815148 /bachelorette andi dorfman science date fall in love /”,”shortlink” “http / / /1opk7SK”,”title” “This Is The Bachelorette’s Scientific Formula to Make Couples Fall in Love”,”post type” “post”,”time article” true,”comments allowed” true,”short title” “This Is The Bachelorette’s Scientific Formula to Make Couples Fall in Love”,”excerpt” “Dating lessons I learned from this week’s Bachelorette why you should always skydive, rappel or bungee jump with your dates”,”format” “article”,”time” “pretty” “12 03 AM ET”,”published” “2014 06 03 00 03 43″,”updated” “2014 06 03 04 03 43″,”minute” “12 03 am”,”short” “12 03 AM ET” ,”authors” “id” 208215499,”url” “http / / /author /laura stampler /”,”name” “Laura Stampler”,”twitter” “LauraStampler”,”gplus” “107378379622795488239”,”email” ” “,”thumbnail” “http / / / /2014 /01 / “,”bio” “

Laura is a reporter at TIME. She has previously worked at Business Insider and the Huffington Post and has written for the New Republic, Nation, and Miami Herald. She graduated from Stanford University. n” ,”content” “

Famous last words from AndiDorfman. #TheBachelorette http / / /DQyvgqhZx1
The Bachelorette ( BacheloretteABC) June 03, 2014 n

Monday night’s Bachelorette featured a date that rose lovers have come cherish as an ABC classic. The adrenaline pumping “So you wanna marry me? Do something terrifying to prove it” date. In this episode, Andi made Marcus rappel down a ridiculously tall building u2014 one of their greatest fears! u2014 to make sure that he’s capable of love. n

While a high octane activity date might not seem like a fair compatibility test, there are many reasons why producers have at least one every season. First off, phobia inducing situations make for great TV u2014 the more crying, the better u2014 and provide perfect fodder for some truly terrible metaphors “I’m jumping out of this plane and into his heart.” (Drink.) “Like this bungee cord, love catches you when you fall.” (Drink.) And in Andi’s words, “It’s leap of faith day.” A literal leap of faith. (Seriously, just down the whole bottle.) n

The second reason? Science. n

“Doing very, very high octane kinds of dates definitely can bond you together more than a mundane, run of the mill one,” says Dr. Diana Kirschner, psychologist and CEO of , striking fear in all suitors who have to settle for a picnic. “What happens is that adrenaline is released that mimics the feelings of falling love.” n

And it doesn’t end there. Staring into your partner’s eyes for stability during the terrifying descent causes an increased release of oxytocin, a bonding hormone. “If a person is frightened and literally clinging to a protector, a knight, they actually have the experience of bei
ng saved by this person,” Kirschner says. “Certainly it’s not going to make for lasting love, which is a whole other ball of wax, but at that moment you are bonded together and will associate a scary turned pleasurable high and relief and excitement with the other person.” n

Because after successfully finishing the dangerous seeming event, both partners will experience a pleasurable burst of dopamine. n

“This corroborates the advice Ovid gave young men take your date to the gladiator fights if you want sex,” says Dr. Elizabeth Saenger, a Harvard trained psychologist and former matchmaker for upscale professionals. “Actually, he didn’t say it quite so crassly, and he said it in Latin, but that was the idea.” n

Fear can trick the brain into feelings of attraction. n

Saenger cited a 1974 study by Donald Dutton and Arthur Aron that identified instances of misattributed arousal. In it, researchers placed an attractive woman at the end of a “fear arousing suspension bridge” and a “non fear arousing bridge.” According to Saenger, “Men who crossed the wobbly bridge rated the women as much more attractive than men who crossed a stable bridge.” n

This supports the James Lange theory of emotion, stating “We are afraid because we run.” In other words, emotions are interpreted based on a physiological reaction to events. n

But do you really want to fool your brain into thinking that you’re more emotionally connected with someone than you actually are? n

And that brings us to why you maybe shouldn’t make your date jump out of a plane (or something) for you n

Apart from the risk of creating a false sense of attachment, the No. 1 biggest reason not to force an early date into a terrifying situation is because, well, it’s terrifying. And if a partner is legitimately phobic of heights, as Bachelor(ette) contestants often claim they are, then forcing him or her to rappel down a building can be a very bad idea indeed. n

In the wise words of Dr. Saenger, “Dealing with phobias on a date is, to use a favorite word of psychologists, ‘inappropriate.’ It is also plain stupid, and can be unethical.” n

Bachelorette contestants are, by definition, risk takers. Who else would be willing to broadcast their love lives on national TV? But in the real world, maybe stick to a boring dinner instead. n”,”section” “name” “Living”,”slug” “living”,”url” “http / / /living /” ,”tag” “name” “relationships”,”slug” “relationships”,”url” “http / / /tag /relationships /” ,”tags” “andi dorfman Bungee Jump Love relationships Science Skydive the bachelorette”,”id” 2815148,”encoded url” “http%3A%2F% “,”encoded shortlink” “http%3A%2F% “,”encoded title” “This Is The Bachelorette%E2%80%99s Scientific Formula to Make Couples Fall in Love”,”twitter text” “This%20is%20the%20Bachelorette%27s%20scientific%20formula%20to%20make%20couples%20fall%20in%20love”,”twitter via” “TIME”,”email title” “This%20Is%20%3Ci%3EThe%20Bachelorette%26%238217%3Bs%3C%2Fi%3E%20Scientific%20Formula%20to%20Make%20Couples%20Fall%20in%20Love%20%7C%20TIME”,”email body” “This%20Is%20%3Ci%3EThe%20Bachelorette%26%238217%3Bs%3C%2Fi%3E%20Scientific%20Formula%20to%20Make%20Couples%20Fall%20in%20Love%0A%0ADating%20lessons%20I%20learned%20from%20this%20week%27s%20%3Ci%3EBachelorette%3C%2Fi%3E%3A%20why%20you%20should%20always%20skydive%2C%20rappel%20or%20bungee%20jump%20with%20your%20dates%0A%0Ahttp%3A%2F% “,”scripts” “http / / / ” , “url” “http / / /2813982 /the rising cost of not opting into loyalty shopping programs /”,”shortlink” “http / / /1kBLuVD”,”title” “The Rising Cost of Not Opting Into Loyalty Shopping Programs”,”post type” “post”,”time article” true,”comments allowed” true,”short title” “The Rising Cost of Not Opting Into Loyalty Shopping Programs”,”excerpt” “In the future, every retail experience could be defined by whether you’re in or out of network.”,”format” “article”,”time” “pretty” “12 01 AM ET”,”published” “2014 06 03 00 01 49″,”updated” “2014 06 03 04 01 49″,”minute” “12 01 am”,”short” “12 01 AM ET” ,”authors” “id” 221001662,”url” “http / / /author /andres martinez /”,”name” “Andr u00e9s Martinez”,”twitter” “andresDCmtz”,”gplus” “”,”email” “”,”thumbnail” null,”bio” “” ,”content” ”

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