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Founded in 2011 by Ben Wilson, Freshcig was one of the first e cig companies in the UK making it one of the most established and trustworthy. Our focus is on product innovation and development which we take huge pride in, with our time spent going above and beyond to provide you with the best vaping experience possible. New to Freshcig? You can buy electronic vapour cigarettes here.

Save at least f1000 a year!

One of the main reasons our customers use our products is because of the huge amount of savings that can be made by switching from tobacco, with a light smoker having 10 a day being able to save around f1,200 annually! That s enough for a family holiday or even a deposit on a new car! If you would like more information on how much you could save then why not get in touch and allow one of our support team to guide you through the benefits electronic cigarettes and vapourisers can have on your life. Our telephone support can be reached on 0161 427 2549. — buy cheap cigarettes with bitcoin

We carry a huge range of brands, so we won’t list them all here.

Here are the current best sellers (prices include shipping)

Marlboro Red/Lights $4.49 per pack
Lucky Strike Red/Blue $3.99 per pack
L&M Red/Blue $3.99 per pack
Camel Filter/Blue $3.99 per pack
Chesterfield Red/Blue $3.99 per pack
Kent Convertibles $4.49 per pack
(similar to Camel Crush)
Davidoff Classic/Gold $4.79 per pack
Winston Red/Blue $3.99 per pack
Classic Red/Blue $3.49 per pack
Temp Export/American $2.99 per pack

Minimum order quantity 10 packs.
Delivery worldwide, except Germany.
Refund 100% if seized.