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European cigarettes

European Cigarettes

Anyone who smokes will recognise that it is an expensive hobby to say the least and while many use this as an incentive to quit, for those who either can t or don t want to this can be a major problem.

One solution is to import duty free and European cigarettes, and many people manage to save a lot of money by travelling to Europe and buy cheap European cigarettes in bulk. Another bonus of European cigarettes is that they include many very popular brands that are nice to smoke including Camel, Marlboro, Red and White and Winston among others.

While some people will travel to Europe especially for European cigarettes, most simply make the most of their trips abroad in order to bring back large packs of European cigarettes to keep them going for long periods of time. Fortunately in most States in America there is no limit to the number of European cigarettes you can import. This is different to many other countries even within the EU, with the UK for example only allowing 200 cigarettes to be bought through customs.

There are certain limitations on the import of European cigarettes however, the first being that you must be over 18, another being that you must intend to use the European cigarettes for private use only. While this rule is recognised however, it is very hard to enforce and many individuals will still make a small racket out of importing European cigarettes and selling them on to others for more.

Another restriction is that if your cigarette pack reads For Export Only then there will be a limit of just one carton. Even with regular European cigarettes, if purchased in large quantities it may arouse suspicion and result in restriction.

European cigarettes that are manufactures in Eastern Europe are also cheaper to buy online or in some stores. This is because they are shipped from duty free zones meaning they are tax free and similarly the running costs of factories are lower in these countries. Though be aware that buying them this way will still cost you a bit more as you will pay for the shipping costs and potentially import duty, so that you should still always take the opportunity to import European cigarettes yourself when travelling to Europe. If you are a heavy smoker, then buying European cigarettes in bulk on your trip to the continent will prove to be a big investment down the line.

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