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Marlboro is by far the most famous cigarette brand in the world. The reputation of this premium tobacco product is simply impeccable, leaving all other rival brands dreaming about achieving at least half success Marlboro has reached, as millions of smokers across the planet have chosen Marlboro and stay loyal to its superb taste.

Marlboro is marketed by Philip Morris USA in United States and Philip Morris International in all other countries.

Marlboro was named after a street, located in London, UK, where the first Marlboro cigarette was crated. The brand was launched in the United States in 1902, and initially it was oriented at female smokers, being advertised under the slogan Marlboro mild as May.

After the World War II, this brand was re launched. At the same time, its manufacturers introduced a marketing campaign, which was deemed to become one of the most famous advertising strategies ever the iconic Marlboro country headed by Marlboro Man.

Shortly after its introduction, sales of Marlboro cigarettes soared by outstanding 5000%, and the brand become top selling cigarette in the USA.

Marlboro has been the best selling tobacco product in the United States for more than 40 years, and the top selling cigarette brand in the world. Its owner, Philip Morris International is the world’s leading tobacco company, prominent for the best quality of all of its brands, and constant innovation of its product families.

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Marlboro Red the iconic Marlboro cigarette, smoked by the famous Marlboro man

Marlboro Gold former Marlboro Lights, is the milder style, offering the same classic taste.

Marlboro Silver former Marlboro Ultra Lights, the mildest of the flagship line.

Marlboro Flavor Note the innovative smoke, equipped with high tech filters and packed in unique and laconic packs

Marlboro Gold Fine Touch and Marlboro Gold Touch the latest addition to Marlboro portfolio. Both styles are king size cigarettes, but slightly slimmer than traditional Marlboros

Marlboro Gold Edge is the compact and slim, king size Marlboro smoke.