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What is the secret behind the Marlboro country advertising campaign which changed the face of this brand from a product designed for women to a cigarette especially created for men ? What is so special in the set of classic advertisements with a cowboy riding his horse in a beautiful setting ? And, even more important, why is this image so important that it has become emblematic for an entire generation of smokers ?

To answer these questions, we had to analyze the image closely. And here’s what we found

  1. In these TV spots, the cowboy always rides a horse, which is a symbol of elegance, grace, and good tastes.
  2. The cowboy is generic as such, he represents the American man, free, confident, and reliable.
  3. During his ride, he usually reaches a lake or a river and sets a fire in the evening time. This renders the elemental forces behind the scene the water, the earth, the fire, and the air. In this context, smoke seems the logical fifth element in the series.
  4. Smoking is associated with enjoying nature and loneliness in wilderness. So it must be a relaxing act for each and every man out there, irrespective of other details, such as cultural background, social status, etc.
  5. Horses are a sign of power and freedom and… so is smoking.

Even if this image is very close to clich?, if not a clich? in itself, it became one of the most influential images in the tobacco industry of the 20th century and few other brands (like Kent, Camel, and Lucky Strike) can fight against it effectively. It’s so effective that it is perceived as a cultural and social reference in many movies and books dealing with cowboys and with the traditional American way of life.

Marlboro country is a place where men can be free (of daily problems), where they can simply enjoy the benefits of nature and smoking altogether. It is, ultimately, the perfect place to put all your worries aside and start smoking.

Marlboro man eric lawson dies of lung disease – time

National safety rules governing fertilizer remain unchanged after a fertilizer facility explosion killed 15 people in West, Texas one year ago. n

The lack of action comes even after President Barack Obama ordered federal agencies to review chemical safety rules in the wake of the incident. Agency officials say they’re considering revising ammonium nitrate storage rules, as well as changing the chemical handling and processing rules. Any significant changes, they say, will likely take years. n

Debate over the ideal safety changes to implement remains ongoing. The Institute of Makers of Explosives believes that storing chemicals in wooden buildings, for example, is an unsafe practice, while the Agricultural Retailers Association argues that switching away from wooden buildings would be too costly. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, meanwhile, has cautioned against adopting new rules before the state completes its investigation of the incident. Perry has not specified when those findings will be released. n

Texas State Fire Marshal Chris Connealy told the Wall Street Journal that his office has identified 26 facilities in the state that store large amounts of fertilizer in conditions that could lead to an explosion similar to the one in West. n

Of the 15 people killed in last year’s explosion, 12 were volunteer firefighters responding to the incident. Legislators suggested at a hearing Monday new rules that would force the volunteer fire department to better prepare first responders for chemical emergencies such as the one that struck West. n

WSJ “,”section” “name” “U.S.”,”slug” “us”,”url” “http / / /us /” ,”tag” “name” “cities”,”slug” “cities”,”url” “http / / /tag /cities /” ,”tags” “Accident ammonium Barack Obama cities explosion policy politics rick perry Texas West”,”hero” “class” “landscape”,”thumbnail” “http / / / /2014 /04 / “,”src” “small” “http / / /2014 /04 / “,”small 2x” “http / / /2014 /04 / “,”large” “http / / /2014 /04 / “,”large 2x” “http / / /2014 /04 / ” ,”credit” “Max Faulkner u2014Fort Worth Star Telegram /MCT /SIPA USA”,”caption” “John Raimer stands in front of his trailer that he lives in as he leads at the West Long Term Recovery team in West, Texas, on April 1, 2014.”,”alt” “John Raimer stands in front of his trailer that he lives in as he leads at the West Long Term Recovery team in West, Texas, on April 1, 2014.” ,”id” 65055,”encoded url” “http%3A%2F% “,”encoded shortlink” “http%3A%2F% “,”encoded title” “Fertilizer Rules Unchanged One Year After Texas Explosion Killed 15″,”twitter text” “Fertilizer%20Rules%20Unchanged%20One%20Year%20After%20Texas%20Explosion%20Killed%2015″,”twitter via” “TIME”,”email title” “Fertilizer%20Rules%20Unchanged%20One%20Year%20After%20Texas%20Explosion%20Killed%2015%20%7C%20TIME”,”email body” “Fertilizer%20Rules%20Unchanged%20One%20Year%20After%20Texas%20Explosion%20Killed%2015%0A%0AChemical%20safety%20officials%20tasked%20by%20President%20Obama%20to%20determine%20whether%20regulations%20should%20change%20following%20last%20April%27s%20explosion%20in%20West%2C%20Texas%2C%20that%20killed%2015%20are%20mulling%20revisions%20to%20ammonium%20nitrate%20storage%20rules%20and%20the%20handling%20and%20processing%20of%20chemicals%0A%0Ahttp%3A%2F% “,”omniture” “modules” “rr taboola video” , “url” “http / / /64747 /bitcoin exchange mt hox liquidated /”,”right now” true,”shortlink” “http / / /1jKcxkO”,”title” “Top Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Set To Be Liquidated”,”post type” “post”,”comments allowed” true,”short title” “Top Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Set to Be Liquidated”,”excerpt” “A Tokyo court on Wednesday dismissed a bid by Mt. Gox to restart its business, allowing what was once the world’s largest bitcoin exchange to be liquidated after it filed for bankruptcy protection in February following an attack by hackers”,”format” “brief”,”time” “pretty” “8 02 AM ET”,”published” “2014 04 16 08 02 01″,”updated” “2014 04 16 12 02 01″,”minute” “8 02 am”,”short” “8 02 AM ET” ,”authors” “id” 206968719,”url” “http / / /author /sam frizell /”,”name” “Sam Frizell”,”twitter” “Sam Frizell”,”gplus” “109081768307732157530”,”email” “”,”thumbnail” “http / / / /2014 /03 / “,”bio” “

Sam Frizell covers business and breaking news for TIME in New York City. n” ,”content” “

Mt. Gox, once the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, is set to be dissolved after a Tokyo court dismissed Wednesday the company’s bid to restart its business. n

The court placed Mt. Gox’s assets under a provisional administrator’s control before the company officially enters bankruptcy proceedings, Reuters reports. The court said it will likely be investigating CEO Mark Karpeles’ liability in the collapse of the Tokyo based firm. n

Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy protection in February, saying it lost 850,000 bitcoins, or about $454 million at today’s rates, after hackers attacked its computer systems. n

Karpeles’s lawyers have said he will not travel to the U.S. to answer a federal judge’s questions about the bitcoin exchange’s ongoing U.S. bankruptcy case. n

Reuters n”,”section” “name” “Business”,”slug” “business”,”url” “http / / /business /” ,”tag” “name” “Bitcoin”,”slug” “bitcoin”,”url” “http / / /tag /bitcoin /” ,”tags” “Bitcoin Mt. Gox”,”id” 64747,”encoded url” “http%3A%2F% “,”encoded shortlink” “http%3A%2F% “,”encoded title” “Top Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Set To Be Liquidated”,”twitter text” “Top%20Bitcoin%20Exchange%20Mt.%20Gox%20Set%20To%20Be%20Liquidated”,”twitter via” “TIMEBusiness”,”email title” “Top%20Bitcoin%20Exchange%20Mt.%20Gox%20Set%20To%20Be%20Liquidated%20%7C%20TIME”,”email body” “Top%20Bitcoin%20Exchange%20Mt.%20Gox%20Set%20To%20Be%20Liquidated%0A%0AA%20Tokyo%20court%20on%20Wednesday%20dismissed%20a%20bid%20by%20Mt.%20Gox%20to%20restart%20its%20business%2C%20allowing%20what%20was%20once%20the%20world%27s%20largest%20bitcoin%20exchange%20to%20be%20liquidated%20after%20it%20filed%20for%20bankruptcy%20protection%20in%20February%20following%20an%20attack%20by%20hackers%0A%0Ahttp%3A%2F% ” , “url” “http / / /65122 /josh romney mitt harry reid taxes /”,”right now” true,”shortlink” “http / / /1nqpuks”,”title” “Romney Son Takes Tax Day Swipe at Harry Reid”,”post type” “post”,”comments allowed” true,”short title” “Romney Son Takes Tax Day Swipe at Senator Reid”,”excerpt” “The former presidential candidate’s son, Josh, tweeted a picture to Sen. Harry Reid yesterday of his father, Mitt, paying taxes. During the 2012 campaign season, Reid claimed someone had told him Romney hadn’t done so in the past decade “,”format” “brief”,”time” “pretty” “11 22 AM ET”,”published” “2014 04 16 11 22 59″,”updated” “2014 04 16 15 22 59″,”minute” “11 22 am”,”short” “11 22 AM ET” ,”authors” “id” 206961749,”url” “http / / /author /denver nicks /”,”name” “Denver Nicks”,”twitter” “DenverNicks”,”gplus” “105122198911201917932”,”email” “”,”thumbnail” “http / / / /2014 /01 / “,”bio” “” ,”content” “

It came a little early for Throwback Thursday, but Josh Romney u2019s Tax Tuesday tweet at Sen. Harry Reid was certainly a throwback to the contentious 2012 presidential race. n

Josh u2014son of Mitt, the erstwhile presidential candidate u2014posted a picture Tuesday of his dad standing in line at the post office to file his taxes. He captioned the pic with a dig at Reid, the Democratic leader. n

Hey SenatorReid here’s a shot of MittRomney paying taxes. Does it every year. It’s how you get your paycheck. http / / /DwSMXzYhuR
Josh Romney ( joshromney) April 15, 2014 n

In the midst of the 2012 campaign, Reid made the claim that someone told him Mitt Romney u201cdidn u2019t pay any taxes for 10 years. u201d Romney flatly denied that claim and called on Reid to reveal his source, which the the Nevada Democrat refused to do. n

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