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Perdomo Reserve Limited Golf Edition cigars have won awards globally for their incredibly fine blended and well aged tobaccos. With a ring gauge of 54 you have a sizable cigar for a completely satisfying smoke. They provide a creamy and earthy smoke that won’t disappoint even the pickiest cigar smoker. The Perdomo Reserve Limited Golf Edition cigars deliver what you expect in a full bodied flavor, ending smoothly and richly. Choose between the Deluxe, Churchill Deluxe, Mini Club, Lusitanias, Mille Fleurs, Serie D No. 4, Serie D No. 5, Partagas Serie P No. 2, Serie du Connaisseur No. 1, Short or Aristocrats brands and see what Totalamente a Mano really means. Instantly recognized thanks to their deep, earthy flavor, Partagas cigars encapsulate (in a premium Cameroon wrapper) all that is strong, rich and refined about Cuba. Coffee, cherry and spices are but some of the Latin Caribbean the various Partagas cigars impart when smoking. these small cigars are A short injection of pure Partagas pleasure. It turns out that, while the Bolivar sold like gangbusters, these Obsequios just got lost in the shuffle. But here they are now why not give them a try? If you are a fan of the classic and renowned El Rey del Mundo brand, you should really get your hands on some of these vintage smokes before they disappear forever. They are medium to full in body, and crafted with premium Honduran and Dominican tobaccos that have only gotten better with age. These attractive looking cigars in their dark oily wrapper are fit for even the finest of occasions and are best known for their superior construction, even burn, firm ash, smooth texture, and perfect draw not to mention the world renowned Cohiba taste. One of the most popular Dalias, measuring 167 mm (6.6″) in length with a ring gauge of 43, the Siglo V may be mild in taste, but it is bursting with flavor. What can you expect when you buy a Cohiba Siglo V Box of 25? In addition to its classy varnished slide lid box, you can look forward to a heavenly blend of cocoa, roasted nut, and coffee flavors with a hint of sweet vanilla on top.

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