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Hello, my fellow smokers, I was curious what sites you members usually shop for your cigarettes on.

I want to buy a carton of Gauloises Brunes, but I’m terrified of ordering online (which is the only way to get these cigarettes). It seems so shady. I had an odd experience with What happened was, I filled out most of the info to order (name, phone number, etc.) and luckily hadn’t got to my card number before I decided to order later. So I closed the webpage without continuing. So at an ungodly hour the next morning, I recieved a call from the DiscountCigs phone service, and they heckled me about finishing my order (they also insisted that I order SIX cartons when I only wanted one). The call was jarring, to say the least, and made me mad so I hung up. The phone service then called back AGAIN to inform me that I was “wasting their time”…

So, in short, now I’m almost too freaked out to order cigarettes online. But I can imagine that not all sites are bad. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Because I really want to try these cigarettes. It would also be worth it to mention that I’m 19 years old, so I can’t buy off of sites that are 21 or older.

Thanks in advance!
“Let it roll.”

George Harrison #2 (permalink) 07 14 2010, 12 14 AM digapwny Junior Member Join Date Apr 2010 Location United States Posts 17 Rep Power 0

I’m bumping this. I really want to try these cigarettes and I know that somebody knows a good online store.
“Let it roll.”

George Harrison #3 (permalink) 10 26 2010, 07 39 PM gatrman56 Moderator Join Date Sep 2010 Location 29.19870 N, 82.09675 W (USA) Posts 219 Rep Power 25 Gaulioses cigs

Originally Posted by digapwny I’m bumping this. I really want to try these cigarettes and I know that somebody knows a good online store. I guess you all are trying to get some of thosev European strong

smokes I have tried some from Poland named (Polit) and Greece cant

remember the name of these…… For the most part almost all gaulioses

are NON FILTER and have appox. 20mg. of tar and 15 of nicotine , but

anyways If your like me give em a shot….

I get my european smokes from either or

they both are in London and the smokes come out of Ukraine or

Moldova… EXCELLENT COMPANIES … you will usually get them within

2 weeks to 22 days….. Good luck, Joel #4 (permalink) 12 08 2010, 02 43 PM Darin Klare Entry Member Join Date Dec 2010 Location United States Posts 1 Rep Power 0 my life experience

Hey, heavy smokers! What unites us? Why we so faithfully like cigarettes? It’s an esthetics we live with that make us magnetic, stylish and smart. We enjoy this process, by smoking we guarantee the protection ourselves, we relax and opposite concentrate with cigarettes. And finally, every smoker knows infinite felicity from a cigarette after great sex! But with every puff we kill our health.
I’ve found a wonderful solution allowing myself to smoke further without any harm for my health! And the greatest advantage is that I can smoke everywhere!!!

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you had a really unpleasant experience but you are right not all stores are so bad. I was more lucky with my online purchases. My place is They sell European made cigarettes, always fresh, with natural tobacco taste and burn really slow I never smoked their Gauloises but you may try! #6 (permalink) 07 21 2011, 04 45 PM layneofnazareth Entry Member Join Date Jul 2011 Location United States Posts 2 Rep Power 0

Hey y’all. I’m new here and I’ve been smoking for quite a few years now (though I just turned 18). I live in Connecticut where we have the sin tax (which is $2.01) added onto the already high prices (it ranges from about $6.50 to $8.00 for most popular brands) and will be moving to Manhattan in August for college. Even if I weren’t going to be a broke ass college student, I wouldn’t be able to afford cigs with the ridiculous prices in NYC and here in CT it’s already bad enough.

Long story short I deff want to start buying cartons online but a lot of these sites seem sketchy to me and I don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to ordering cigarettes online. I stumbled upon earlier and was amazed, but is it really legit? I can’t afford a scam right now. #7 (permalink) 07 21 2011, 04 51 PM layneofnazareth Entry Member Join Date Jul 2011 Location United States Posts 2 Rep Power 0

Scratch that just found from the coupons on this site. They have a wide selection and shipping is free?! Does anyone have experience with them? #8 (permalink) 11 07 2011, 10 01 PM bevanwillson Entry Member Join Date Nov 2011 Location United States Posts 1 Rep Power 0

Thanks for providing information on buying cigarettes but I am looking for buy cigars online. Want to know buying online is safe to order or not. #9 (permalink) 11 07 2011, 10 12 PM IHCman Senior Member Join Date May 2011 Location United States Posts 169 Rep Power 19

Originally Posted by bevanwillson Thanks for providing information on buying cigarettes but I am looking for buy cigars online. Want to know buying online is safe to order or not. I would say it is safe to order cigars online. I have ordered a few cigars online from various retailers and have had good luck. All the companies that I’ve ordered cigars from have been located in the USA. the National Cigar Store in Waterloo IA is one that I’ve used and have had good luck with. I’ve ordered both RYO tobacco and cigars from them. I think they have two seperate sites, one to order RYO tobacco and some cigars and then a second site for mainly cigars.

I have ordered cigs from overseas from two online sites ( and ) I recieved my orders and would say they are safe to order from but they spam the hell out of your phone number. Constantly harassing you to reorder smokes. Its very annoying and I won’t order from them again for that reason. I do believe dutyfreedepot sells cigars as well but be aware that they will call you repeatedly to get you to reorder. #10 (permalink) 02 15 2012, 07 32 AM Dramstoker Entry Member Join Date Feb 2012 Location Belgium Posts 1 Rep Power 0

yes i have order a few bottles of whiskey from there,
and i think it was no whiskey that was inside..
that was pure alcohol…
it tatse like nothing , all the elements of a whiskey simply just was’nt there..
it tasted like cheap booze , gave me a headache 4/4 times
and we even tried one or two drams..
even the bottles and boxes you cant see the difference with the original..
but it tasted like shhh ..

and we empty out a bottle with eaze with my friends


there are more websites running under the same lay out.. its all from the same company… they bombard you with spamm indeed..
i think if you have swiss cigs there is no problem , but yess from eastern eu is a different story…



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