Camel cigarettes – ?????????


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How are camel cigarettes better for your throat?

I am a former smoker, I smoked a few different brands. Camel is one of the only brands that I noticed a significant difference in the taste of the tobacco but they were ALWAYS too harsh for me, even the lights. But I did enjoy them a few at a time.

I think people’s tolerance for a certain brand of cigarette is really a personal thing, it depends what they are used to so a person’s regular brand is usually going to be “smoothest” for them. It also can depend how much they are smoking, how strong (light, ultra light, full flavors, etc) and if there are additives like cloves or a biggie here is if you are used to a stronger cig and “cut back” to a light or ultra then you may very well smoke a LOT MORE because they are not strong enough to satisfy. The increase is likely to be harsh. If this happens and you are trying to minimize the damage of smoking, you may want to try switching to a real badass cigarette that lasts you a while before you need another.

Of course we all know that NO cigarettes are good for you, but the better brands (more expensive) are going to be better quality tobacco, and may have fewer preservatives and other junk in them which can affect the smoothness.