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It was in 1913 when developed the packaged cigarette. At that time it was common to roll your own cigarette. Reynolds used a Turkish paper, giving the cigarette a different flavor. It was a hit and Reynolds sold over sold over 425 million packs within the first year. The town in wich RJR was founded, Winston Salem, got the nickname Camel City because of the immense popularity of the Camel brand. Camel uses Turkish tobacco, giving the cigarette a much more distinct taste. JT International, using Romanian tobacco sells filtered Camel cigarettes outside the USA.

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History of camel cigarettes

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Back in the early 1900 s, most cigarette smokers rolled their own cigarettes. There were many brands of tobacco from which smokers could choose, and it was assumed that there would be no national market for pre rolled and packaged cigarettes. This was the case until 1913, when R.J. Reynolds released Camel cigarettes.

Prior to releasing the now famous brand, R.J. Reynolds developed a massive advertising campaign for the cigarettes. The months long The Camels are Coming campaign raised public interest and built anticipation for Camels. This led to the brand becoming an instant hit. Originally priced at 10 cents for 20 cigarettes, Camels were quick to become popular across the country.

By 1917 the brand had gained 33% of the market share among tobacco brands. By 1923, that number jumped to 45%. This was likely due, at least in part, to the $8 million advertising campaign launched in 1921. This campaign included the well liked I d Walk a Mile for a Camel ad slogan.

A large part of Camel s success could be attributed to the brand s combination of high quality tobaccos. Camels were the first cigarettes to use a blend of Turkish, Virginia, and Burly tobaccos, which was considered to be much easier to smoke than the harsh brands that were previously available. The first Camel cigarettes were unfiltered and came in a soft pack today these Camels are generally known as Camel Straights or Regulars.

More doctors perferred Camel cigarettes

By the 1930 s, there were many brands of cigarettes available. Consumers smoked because they believed that cigarettes aided in digestion and helped people to relax. NBC s Mystery in the Air let people know which brand was doctor recommended the most a nationwide poll showed that Camels were most often named as best by doctors, surgeons, and medical specialists. By 1940, Camel cigarettes took the lead of the market share, selling more than other then popular brands such as Lucky Strike, Chesterfield, Raleigh, and Old Gold.

At this time R.J. Reynolds began their T Zone advertising campaign. Many ads referred to how Camels were ideal for the T Zone , showing that the T stood for both taste and throat. Because Camels were thought of as mild cigarettes, they were believed to be better for a person s throat and, of course, Camels had great taste.

Several movie stars and personalities helped to boost the success of the brand. The news broadcaster Edward R. Murrow was known to smoke up to four packs of Camels per day a Camel cigarette came to be Murrow s trademark. John Wayne, the famous Hollywood actor of the 1950 s appeared in Camel cigarette advertising.

Camels continued to lead the market in sales throughout the 1950 s and 1960 s. The brand was known for its creative advertising slogans. Popular ad campaigns included the slogan For more pleasure have a Camel and Rock Hudson Agrees with Camel Smokers Everywhere.

In April 1970, cigarette advertising was banned from television and radio. At around this same time, Camels decreased in popularity. By the end of 1970, the brand was no longer one of the top five popular brands the top brands included Winston, Pall Mall, Marlboro, Salem, and Kool.

Camel continued with its advertising campaigns for magazines and newspapers. In addition, Camel Filters were introduced. Ads contained interesting photographs along with photos of tough looking guys. The slogan with these ads read Camel Filters. They re not for everybody. (But then, they don t try to be.) Then R.J. Reynolds introduced Camel Lights, using the slogan Introducing the solution. New Camel Lights.

In the mid 1980 s, R.J. Reynolds decided to try a different advertising tactic. Joe Camel was introduced in 1987, purportedly to celebrate Old Joe s 75th anniversary. This cartoonish camel was initially popular. But by the mid 1990 s, Joe Camel became a focal point for anti smoking groups. This was mainly because of a 1991 American Medical Association study that found that more children recognized Joe Camel than Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, or Barbie. Because of this, Joe Camel was retired from use in 1997.

In the early 2000 s, Camel Cash was introduced as a promotion for the cigarette brand. Also called C Notes , the fake currency was collected by many smokers. Camel Cash could be redeemed for items from the Camel Cash Catalogue, which included branded merchandise and items for smokers. The promotion ended in 2007.

Camel cigarettes are no longer advertised as actively as they were in years past. Nonetheless, Camels continue to appeal to many smokers across the world and they are sold in more than 90 countries. The Classic, Turkish, and Exotic Blends of Camels are all quite popular, helping Camels to become one of the top five global brands

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