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Camel brand is flagship cigarette of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in the U.S and is produced by Japan Tobacco International in the rest of the world.

Camel brand was launched in the United States in 1913. Once a top seller, currently Camel cig brand is one of the iconic and bets selling cigarette brands across the world, being available in nearly 100 countries.

Camel was the first pre packed cigarette sold across the the US, as in the 1910s adult smokers generally rolled their own cigs. The tobacco blend of Camel cigarette brand contained finest sorts of Turkish tobacco, treated in a specialized way, which contributed to making cigarettes taste less harsh than all other tobacco products.

Shortly after its launch, Camel became best selling cigarette in the USA, as smokers loved the superior quality, original flavor of Camel cigarettes and their mild taste.

It is curious that the mascot of Camel cigarette brand, Joe the Camel, was even more popular than legendary Mickey Mouse, Barbie and Bugs Bunny characters. Everyone liked this great guy and it was the golden time for Camel cigs.

The heritage and quality of Camel cigarette brand is simply impeccable. Yet, its makers try to add new styles to the brand family and offer smokers new product with innovative technologies, like Camel Crush.

Moreover, the filter technology applied to Camel cigarettes was improved to the most advanced one, however, the inimitable quality and genuine flavor of finest tobaccos has not been changed for almost a century.

Camel is one of few cigarette brands selling in premium market segment, which shows permanent share growth in the international cigarette market. And this is not weird, since more and more tobacco smokers from different countries become loyal to this outstanding tobacco product.

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Pall Mall is probably is one of the oldest cigarette brands in the USA. Being introduced to American smokers in 1899 as an exquisite tobacco product, Pall Mall cigarette brand is still one of the most notable smoking products around the world.

In the 1930s Pall Mall was one of the most ground breaking products in the U.S. cigarette market, being the first king size smoke, which evolved to become the golden size in the international cigarette industry.

In addition, it was the first cigarette brand to offer 100mm cig, which become a landmark length too.

RJ Reynolds, the maker of Pall Mall cigarettes used to experiment with Pall Mall tobacco formula, in attempt to offer smokers the best combination of flavor and quality.

Pall Mall brand took the lead in the domestic tobacco market in the 1960s, holding the leading position for almost 6 years, before ceding it to Winston in 1966.

Nearly at the same time, RJ Reynolds focused promotional efforts on its other products and Pall Mall was close to being eliminated from the cigarette market.

Yet, the brand was re launched in 2001, as a mid value cigarette brand with mild taste and long lasting smoke. With a very successful marketing strategy, Pall Mall cigarettes began their trip to the top of the U.S. tobacco market, where it once held the top spot.

Today, Pall Mall is the fourth best selling cigarette brand in the United States, and more and more adult smokers are switching to this brand, which provides premium quality, rich taste and affordable price.

The international owner of Pall Mall brand, British American Tobacco, as well reported growing sales of the brand.

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