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Turkish Royals possess features likely to satisfy any smoker. For those who like a robust, full bodied flavor, these certainly deliver. One who enjoys a smooth cigarette will also rejoice in this blend. Even menthol smokers have a capacity to love these, for the sweet mellowness, and smoothness of the cigarette act in the place of menthol without compromising a strong tobacco taste, which, for me, illustrates how Camel has really mastered this one. My favorite aspect of this cigarette is easily that very principle, the uncanny combination of smoothness and richness which is accurately depicted in Camel’s box description. Here in CT, the price per pack is a little over eight dollars and seemingly high, but considering the quality, this is actually a fair price. Lookswise, the box is quite stimulating with an incorporation of an intricate mosaic border surrounding a camel standing on either blue sand or water (perhaps to use seemingly contradictory imagery to compliment the smooth yet robust taste profile). Behind the camel is a typical middle eastern (in this case Egyptians) backdrop, which coincides with Camel’s employment of Turkish tobacco in the cigarette. I find the only draw back to be how loosely the tobacco is packaged (I prefer a more solid cigarette along the lines of American Spirits) so it burns a little unevenly, the cherry risks being flicked off, and they don’t last very long, but all this can be remedied with a good packing job, thus rendering Turkish royals a nearly perfect cigarette (I haven’t tried the gold or silver versions, but I might be willing to sacrifice the strength of flavor for a tighter, longer lasting cigarette that bespeaks the premium nature of this blend).

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Camel turkish gold regular cigarettes – reviews for camel cigarettes online

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